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Posted on Thursday, 19th March 2009 by David Kwan

Strip Club Seduction

Stripper Seduction

Seducing Stripper

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Posted on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 by David Kwan

Does he REALLY like me… or is he just playing games, like he does with ALL his girls?

This is what should be running through her head while you tease and flirt with her. It makes her want to keep playing the game.

Whenever she’s with a guy like this, she’ll want to look her best, and act her sexiest, in order to get the confirmation she craves.

The key is to NEVER give her total confirmation.

When a woman is attracted to you, she desperately wants to know if the feeling is mutual! (Remember what I told you earlier, about how men and women judge “success.”)

You can work women into a frenzy this way…by NEVER letting the girl know that she’s “won.”

For this reason, you must never tell her how long you’ve wanted to ask her out, admit how attracted you are to her, or tell her how you think the two of you would be “great together.”

If these sound like winning romantic gestures, turn off your television, because you’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies.

Only in the movies can the dork or the shy guy win over the hottest girl in school in the end because he makes some grand, romantic declaration.

In reality, it’s more likely that she’ll regard this as weakness on your part. (And remember how I said emotional STRENGTH is one of the big keys to attraction.)

Nine times out of ten, your “confession” isn’t going to prompt her to confess her own attraction to you. It will only take you down a notch in her eyes. You are no longer an original; you are just another guy who can’t control his emotions or his libido.

Play it cool and act like nothing fazes you.

You’re a train moving full-steam ahead.

The choice is hers:

She can climb onboard and take an exciting ride, or you can roll without her to the next stop. Either way, you’re an independent guy, doing your own thing.

It will become clear whether she is interested in you on a sexual level.

You won’t be shooting in the dark, worrying that she’ll freak out if you try to touch her.

When you follow the correct progression of steps, escalating from conversation to physical touching, you’ll never have to wonder whether she “likes you as a friend” or whether she’s interested in more.

You’ll know how to read her signals, and your Tactics will be gently leading her down the path to “yes”…instead of giving her reasons to say “oh, look at the time…I should be getting home soon.”

Evaporate the physical boundaries between you by making body contact with her. The best times to do so are when you’re both laughing.

Reach over and give her a knee a light touch. High-five her and interlace your fingers with her, then disengage.

What you’re doing is acclimating her to your touch, so that it becomes something she is comfortable with. This way, later in the night when you hold her hand, kiss her for the first time, or initiate the foreplay that leads to sex, she’s already “warmed up” to your touch.
Guys will often fail to escalate because they don’t want to be seen as too aggressive. (It’s just an excuse, really, for not wanting to risk rejection-and they’re not confident that she
will agree to the escalation, because they haven’t laid the right groundwork.)

If you’ve laid the groundwork, made her physically comfortable with you, and built up her attraction by framing yourself as a hard-to-get “prize,” she’ll be receptive when you take things to the next level. But it’s on you to lead her there.

I remember one time having a girl sleep over at my house, in my bed, and I didn’t “try anything” because I didn’t want to screw it up. We lay there together and talked for hours, then she drifted off to sleep while I laid next to her all night with a hard-on.

I figured there was no hurry, and that if I acted like a gentleman she’d trust me and we’d have sex next time.

Unfortunately, there was no “next time.”  She never called me again. By not escalating with her, she viewed me as a Wuss, and she may have even felt a little bit insulted.

She’s an intelligent, sexually experienced adult.

She knew what was supposed to follow when she willingly climbed into my bed and laid down next to me. But I failed to lead her down that path.

The key is to BUILD UP to intimacy and sex with a progression of steps. Perhaps the biggest mistake that guys make is trying to seduce women before the groundwork has been laid.

You don’t ask a girl out on a date before you’ve spent time chatting with her and getting her interested in you. Likewise, you shouldn’t go for a kiss when you haven’t even laid a finger on her all night.

You build up to the first kiss by making contact with her throughout the evening: touching her leg while you tell a story; giving her a brief hand massage; brushing her hair back from her eyes; placing your hand on the small of her back as you guide her through a door…etc.

(The small of her back is actually a GREAT spot to make contact with. It’s an erogenous zone that is dense with nerve endings.)

If there is a mutual attraction, let her be the one to express her feelings to YOU, and when she does, play it even more cool. If she says something that implies she likes you and wants to date you, give a vague response that strings her along.
HER: “So what you do you think…y’know, about you and me?”

YOU:  “I’ve enjoyed spending time with you. Let’s just take it slow and see where it goes…no pressure, no expectations.”

(The more you seem like you don’t really give a shit either way, the more DESPERATELY she’ll want you to validate her feelings!)

But don’t give her that validation. Keep her wondering: will she ever be able to have you all for herself, or will you be with another girl tomorrow when she’s waiting for your phone call?

She’ll want to keep earning points with you, to get the confirmation that she desires. In the meantime, you are the one holding the cards.

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Posted on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 by David Kwan

If you’re interested in dating fun, sexy younger women — and let’s be honest, what guy isn’t?? — the first and most important mindset is that women LIKE older men.

Over the past 200-plus years, the United States government has been taking statistics for the age of couples getting married. Every year, there is a slightly wider gap between the ages of women and men who marry each other.

That’s right; women have ALWAYS gone for older men.

The reasons are rooted in evolution.

Women are programmed to seek security and safety, which provide the best means to raise a child, and it’s a safe bet that an older man will have increased world knowledge, and other important assets including personal skills and greater life experience.

Society seems to force the view that it’s older men who are chasing younger women, and that may be true to some extent, in more cases it’s the women who are looking to date older men.

The second part of the proper mindset is knowing that if you dedicate yourself to pickup and really get into it, within two years you will be having more fun with women, and enjoying more sex than most guys get in their entire lifetime.

The average guy only has sex with 4-7 women in his entire lifetime, although that’s certainly not the story that the media seems to push onto guys.

That means you can be a virgin at 50, and as long as you’re able to fight through your  internal barriers, change your beliefs and ideas, and take action, within a few years (or even months) you can have a lifetime worth of fun.

The key idea is to get started straight away, and lose the EXCUSES.

Treat the next few months as practice, and tell yourself that it will be a fun learning experience. Don’t ever think that it’s “too late,” or that you’ve struggled with women for too long for you to make a dramatic change.

If you have the mindset that you still have plenty of time left-and the truth is, you do-you are likely to take action and feel less guilty and filled with regret (big energy killers).

You’ll be more relaxed, and you’re more likely to STAY motivated.

On the other hand, if you feel anxious and urgent because you “need to make up for lost time,” women are going to smell that desperation like cheap cologne.

Real Techniques:

1. Convey Youth
How you convey your age is more important than the number of years you’ve been on this planet. By this, I mean be happy, have a youthful smile, and enjoy life. And certainly look at your jeans. (Yes, I’m serious!)

In fact, go and look at some new jeans this week. I always see older guys wearing totally unfashionable jeans, and it’s one of the most obvious indicators that they have an old, out-of-touch mentality.

Also take a cold, hard look at your hairstyle and wardrobe, and look to update them a bit.

If you are happy, carefree, and loving life-and your wardrobe and personal style convey a youthful, fashionable edge-this is bound to make younger women notice.

2. Be Fun
I often coach older guys who are a bit too serious.

Picture four young women out on Friday night, having a good time, relaxing after a big week at work. They just want to kick back and have fun with a few drinks.

If a guy starts talking with them about serious topics that lower their energy level, it’s just not going to fly.
Women generally like older guys because they provide much more interesting conversation, and because they’re not predictable and one-dimensional like younger guys often are.

The typical 25-year-old woman is more emotionally mature than the guys her age, and for this reason, she often finds herself more intrigued by older men.

But there is a time and a place for being serious. Imagine what it feels like when you go from working hard at your job for months on end, and then taking a holiday and kicking back on a beach.

This is the laidback, carefree type of energy you want to bring to your interactions with younger women.

If you are having trouble lightening up and chilling out when you get involved in conversations with women, take a closer look at your reality and your lifestyle.

If your reality and lifestyle are completely filled with work and seriousness, then it can be pretty difficult to
instantly switch into “fun” mode when you’re out meeting women.

“Serious” guys tend to watch serious movies and television shows (including a lot of TV news and politics, which can be quite depressing), and listen to music that isn’t in tune with the tastes of the younger generation.

I suggest you switch up the types of shows, movies and music that you normally feel comfortable with.

Try some TV shows like “Scrubs,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “The Office,” which aren’t particularly deep or meaningful but are laugh-out-loud funny.

Buy some magazines that are playful and fun.

Listen to some music that is new and maybe a little trashy.

This also gives you fun conversational topics to talk to women about. That hot 25-year-old babe at the bar might know a surprising amount about politics, but that doesn’t mean she wants to talk about it when she’s unwinding with a few drinks.

Save the deeper discussions for once you’re dating her.

Her first impression of you should be fun, playful and youthful.

Some guys need to make a concerted effort to add some light stuff into their reality, so that being playful and relaxed around women isn’t such a challenge.

When you talk to your friends, make an effort to not dwell on the serious stuff, and get in the habit of just being able to talk about stuff that is not that important and does not matter in the big picture of things.

3. Go Out!

As guys get older, their social circles tend to shrink. Your friends eventually get married and have kids, and become totally immersed in all of that.

Or maybe you’ve moved recently and haven’t developed much of a social scene in your new city. Perhaps you just don’t go out much anymore, because you feel a little too “old” to be hanging around at the bars and clubs like you used to.

This may seem obvious, but you must get out of the house and make an effort to socialize.

Maybe combine your socializing with an interest or hobby.

Personal development groups always seem to be filled with attractive women. If you’ve always been shy, then it’s time to shake that off and become more social. Make it one of your goals to make at least two people feel good about themselves, every week. This will lead to a multitude of friends, and people liking you.

Break any patterns of judging people, or staying in your shell, and make an effort to say hello and make friendships. You’d be surprised how easy it is to do once you get started.

Specific Age-Related Issues:

Do you lie about your age, or tell the truth?

It’s best to tell the truth, but in my opinion, you don’t have to tell her your age straight away.

Women may want all the information on you immediately, but you don’t have a responsibility to tell her everything upfront and in the first few minutes, or even hours.

Use intrigue, and reveal things about yourself over time.

If every time she hangs out with you, you reveal some new talent or hobby of yours, she’ll be endlessly curious and interested in knowing more about you.

This is way more effective than listing your accomplishments and interests in the first fifteen minutes
you spend talking to her.

Women will often use standard job interview-type questions when they first meet a man-such as your age, your job, where you live, etc.

It’s better to bypass this “Q&A” and engage women on a fun, more creative level. Stimulate that side of her, and don’t cater to her analytical and probing side-where she’s asking the questions, you’re trying to come up with the “right” answers, and she’s running it all through her mental computer and figuring out whether you’re the type of guy she should be interested in.

Now if you’re reading this right now and you would like to learn more ‘secrets’ on how to get a younger woman to come home with you AND come inside with you after a date, how to get her “turned on”, and how to smoothly take things to a “physical level” in a way that she’ll enjoy, then you SERIOUSLY should check this out:

… because inside, you’ll uncover HUNDREDS more ideas on how to do so. You can download it right now, and be reading it in a few minutes…

Just go here:


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Posted on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 by David Kwan

Your success with dating younger women is not dependent on how old you are, or how large the gap is. The approach you use for a woman your age will also work for someone younger-with a few minor tweaks.

It really comes down to three things:

1. The image you present to the world.
2. The thoughts and beliefs that are stuck in your head  your mindset.
3. Your selection criteria (ie how you select who you’re going  to approach)

Those are the same three things you’d focus on if there weren’t any age gap. Only the variables within each group change a little.

Women are women; the psychology of a woman doesn’t change with age. Only her focus does.

1. Your Image
When I talk about your image, I don’t mean the way you dress (though that is an element of it). The image we’re concerned with is the one that she forms based on your external appearance, your way of moving through the world, how you carry yourself, what you say, how you interact with others, etc.

You want to be in total control of the kind of person she thinks you are. Women don’t just go for what’s on the surface.

She’s asking herself “what kind of person is he on the inside?”

The answer that you should have ready for her should be something that overpowers any resistance to your age, looks, height, weight, or anything else that is outside her normal “type.”

Women go for men who have what she wants.

That’s really what it boils down to: Do you have what she wants?

Sure, some of them want you to be Brad Pitt (who is over 40, by the way. But, he’s perceived as youthful because he’s presented that way). But, they’ll gladly put aside good looks and age if you have everything else she’s been looking for.

With age comes many benefits. Experience, security, understanding, and social status are all byproducts of getting older.

If you’d like to start attraction younger women, stop thinking about the NEGATIVES of being older, and focus on the positives. But your actions must speak louder than words.

You can’t just talk about being more experienced and mature than men her age. It has to be seen to be believed.

If you have to tell her, then you’re not doing it right.

You have to start asking yourself, “What are the qualities that make me attractive, despite my age?” And, honestly, if I were you, I’d even drop that last part about your age.

Just ask yourself, why would anyone, regardless of how old she is, want to be dating you?

I can promise you this: if you have attractive qualities that make you desirable to women in general, then you definitely have qualities that younger women will also find attractive.

While the mindset of a woman does change as she gets older, they’re all still attracted to the fundamentals.

Demonstrate to everyone around you that you’re the man they either want to be, or the man they want to be with.

Up to a certain point, you want to present yourself as youthfully masculine. Don’t get an earring and dye your hair blonde. Just take care of your body; eat right and exercise.

Display healthiness, and you’ll be associated with youthfulness. Wear clothes that look good, and make you seem like you’ve opened up a copy of GQ Magazine in the past year.

You should be doing that no matter how old you are, but if you want to seem especially younger, you shouldn’t be the kind of guy who looks like he needs to relax at home after a hard day of work.

Engage in strenuous physical activity. Hit the gym, go hiking or ride a bike. Take dance classes. If you don’t feel old, you won’t look old. Besides, younger women don’t go for the stay-at-home types. They’re more likely to go for you if you’re bursting with energy.

If you’re clean-shaven or have a beard or a mustache, try trading it in for the “haven’t shaved in two days” stubble.

Studies have shown that women find this look attractive.

Again, it connotes a young, yet maturing appearance. It also demonstrates a little rebelliousness, especially in older men.

Remember, it’s all in service to the image she’ll make up in her head. In there, you need to seem youthful, energetic, strong, experience, able to take care of her and satisfy her. If you can conjure and cultivate the portrait of a capable man, the age difference will have little meaning.

2. Your Mindset

What you project as your image has its roots in what you’re thinking right now. Who do you believe yourself to be?

What do you feel are the boundaries of your capabilities?

Let me ask you this: right now, do you feel like you can easily pick up a desirable 25 year old? Do you feel that you’re at a disadvantage because of your age?

Over the years, I’ve heard every excuse in the book, and I can tell you that there are almost as many 25 year old guys who don’t think they can get a 25 year old girl, as there are 45 year olds who think the same way.

It’s not your age; it’s your beliefs about your age that hold you back. As I pointed out earlier, getting older has its benefits.

But what if you were to truly believe that your age isn’t something to hide? What if you were proud of how old you are?

Remember: It’s not your age that’s the issue; it’s HERS that might be the issue.

What if she’s too inexperienced and too naive?

YOU are the right age, but she has to prove to you that she’s wise beyond her years. Or, at the very least, willing to learn from you.

For some guys, believing this will take some work. Changing beliefs isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if there are a whole bunch of other beliefs tangled up in them.

With patience and determination, however, you can start to believe that you have an advantage over younger men.

If you believe in yourself, possibilities open up.

The major factor here is confidence and self-assuredness. I mean this in several ways. Not only does it mean that you’ve got self-esteem and believe in your own self-worth, but you’re also fearless and will go after whatever it is that you want.

That means you don’t think twice about approaching a 20 or 30-something woman. Project the sense that a man of your stature and confidence has gotten with younger women before; this should look easy.

You must exude the feeling that you’ve done this before, and being with a younger woman is nothing out of the ordinary. If you can truly grasp that and make it part of your belief system, then you will project it to her.

Then, she won’t pay attention to the age gap. Being with a younger woman has to seem par for the course, but you still want her to feel special. You’re not going after her because you need a younger woman.

You’re interested in her because she seems interesting as a person. You just don’t want her to feel that her age is a big deal to you. This kind of confidence comes from experience. It comes from making a concerted effort to be comfortable in that kind of situation.

If you’re comfortable with women around your age, start frequenting places with a slightly younger age bracket (coffee shops, for example), and start interacting slightly outside of your comfort zone.

Work your way slowly, over the course of a few months, to the age group you want.
If you’re 40, don’t jump into a 20 year old’s world without experiencing some 30 year old and mid-late 20s women first. Your mind and nervous system prefers gradual change, and it’s best to approach it that way if you want to acquire a new set of permanent beliefs.

3. Your Selection Criteria

I have a 55 year old friend of mine who lives in India. Every Monday, he goes to an American karaoke bar and sings a few tunes. He doesn’t have the best voice in the world, but it is certainly a powerful one.

After his first number, he buys a handful of people around him a round of drinks. Over the course of a few weeks from when he started, he’s become the guy that everybody knows.

Even in India, a place far more conservative than our United States (and the rest of the western world), he’s been able to pick up several women under thirty at that bar.

That’s because he embodies confidence and makes his presence felt. As a result, he has social status. At that bar, he’s near the top of the pecking order. It’s a mindset that he has cultivated, and one that is accurately sent out as his image. The two cannot be separated. And guess what: he is often dating younger women.

No matter who you select, she’s looking for some type of demonstration of the pecking order. You’re expected to be at the top because you’re older. Those at the top take care of the ones underneath him. Don’t mistake this to mean you pay for everything. It’s not like you have to pay for her college tuition.

Just a demonstration is all that’s required. It shouldn’t look like a demonstration, either.

My friend has found a place that, for him, works well. He’s able to demonstrate his authority and youthfulness among all age groups. I think you’ll benefit in finding the same.

Some bars, coffee shops, and even something like night classes, would have a varied age group.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to go “somewhere.”

If you’re confident in yourself, you’ll be able find women anywhere. But, for the sake of practice, it’s a good idea to find place where you can become a regular and befriend a few people (yes, even men) younger than you are.

One more thing to consider is that there are some women who are more likely to disregard the age gap than others.

In my experience, the more intelligent the woman, the more likely mature the man she dates. It’s not an inalterable rule, obviously, but it’s a good starting point to find receptive girls. Also, the more “alternative” she is (in the way she dresses and what she believes in), the more likely she’ll overlook the age difference.

A vegetarian, for example, has an alternative mindset.

Ask yourself, “Why am I seeking out a younger woman?” I know, the real answer is because you and I both want a smoking hot chick in our beds so we can say, “I’ve still got it.”

Besides that, find some other answers for yourself.

What are you looking for?

Come up with some good answers that ring true for you, and seek those types of women out. If you have a clearer goal, it’s easier to attain.

It took me a long time to figure out how to date and attract younger women, and how to make them feel that powerful physical and emotional response called ATTRACTION…

I can’t tell you how much I wish I could have known what I teach when I was younger. It’s taken me literally YEARS to put all the pieces together, and I invite you to take advantage of the time, effort, energy, and money I’ve invested to discover, refine, and organize all of the step-by-step techniques I’ve put together for the Dating Younger Women program.

It will give you a SOLID foundation for thinking and behaving like a guy who NATURALLY attracts women.

I’ll talk to you again soon.


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Posted on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 by David Kwan

I have a friend named John who frequently comes to me for dating advice. He’s in his early 40s, recently divorced, and trying to jump back into the dating scene.

Like a lot of guys who study my material on how to get more dates, John is interested in younger women. Not TOO young, mind you. I’m talking about fun, sexy women in their 20s and early 30s. Those are the girls John wants to be with. He keeps in good shape. He’s a fun, outgoing guy. So why shouldn’t he go after the women he desires most?

But John as a “sticking point” that he always seems to run into when he takes younger women out on dates: he has a hard time Closing the Deal.

John came to me with a question yesterday that I’ve been asked by many men:

“What’s the best way to invite a girl back to my place?”

Usually, this challenge occurs during those awkward moments at the end of a date. The guy has just spent a bunch of money on dinner, and spent two hours trying to make his best impression on the girl, and he’s praying to God that she’s going to AT LEAST reward him with a goodnight kiss when this is all over.

But, more often that not, she will politely blow him off with a quick peck on the cheek, an awkward hug, or worst of all, a handshake.

Sometimes the guy will work up the courage to invite her back to his place, but it’s very easy for a woman to say “no.” (And there are lots of REASONS for her to say no.) She’ll usually say something like, “I have to be up early tomorrow, I should just go home and get some sleep,” yada yada.

So, is there a tactic you can use to pretty much GUARANTEE that women will agree to come back to your place at the end of the date?

Absolultey. I’ve got a move for this situation that I developed recently, and it’s killer.

The first thing you need to understand is, women have a FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

This is why it’s so important to project that you are a safe, stable, trustworthy guy.

You can accomplish this by “dropping hints” during the conversation in a strategic way. You already know all about this if you read Mack Tactics, my book on how to pick up girls.

Now, when your goal is to bring her home at the end of a date…and she’s never been to your place before… it is natural for her to feel some reluctance.

This is because your place — your environment — is UNKNOWN to her.

Her female radar “kicks in,” and her mind comes up with reasons NOT to go there, such as…

  • Your place might be dirty and unsanitary. (Women feel very uncomfortable in that type of environment.)
  • You might have some weirdo roommate who is going to creep her out.
  • You might have a girlfriend or wife that you didn’t tell her about — and she might show up and start some drama!
  • You might live REALLY far away. When she goes home later, she’s going to have a hard time finding her way back to her place.

Those are just some of the things she might be thinking.

Here is my point: you need to ELIMINATE her concerns, suspicions, and fears and make it EASY for her to think, “sure, going to your place sounds fine.”

So how do you make her think this way?

You SHOW her your place, and let her become familiar with it, BEFORE you take her out on the date!

It’s actually SUPER easy to do…

Here is how you play it.

When you call her and set up the date, tell her to MEET YOU outside of your place, so that you can ride in your car together and go to the date location. (Bar, restaurant, coffee shop, whatever.)

Women ALWAYS agree to this. Because A), they are curious about where you live. They are nosy! They want to check out the exterior of your home/apartment/condo.

(Notice, you didn’t say “come over and hang out at my place.” You said, “meet me OUTSIDE my place so that we can ride to the restaurant together.”

And B), they feel more comfortable riding in your car with you, especially if the date location is a place they are not familiar with.

You know how women are with driving — they’d really rather not do it…

OK, now here is how to use this Tactic —

When her car pulls up to your place, go outside — like you’re ready to go on the date — and then tell her you forgot to do something. You need to go back inside and send an email or make a phone call:

“Hey! How are you…oh my God, I just remembered, I need to send an email (or make a phone call) before we go. It’s for my work. Come inside for a minute.”

She will agree to this. Naturally, she is curious to see the INTERIOR of where you live.

So, bring her inside …

Pour her a glass of wine (or some water, if she doesn’t drink), and then you go into the other room and pretend to handle your phone call or email.

The idea is this: you are letting her get familiar with your place. This will no longer be an “unknown environment” to her.

While you spend 5 or 10 minutes in the other room, you are leaving her alone to check out your pad.

And trust me, she WILL check it out. She’ll snoop around a little, look at your pictures, maybe check inside your fridge… she’ll look for any evidence of a girlfriend (or wife) you didn’t mention…

And this means you MUST have a clean place. Your bathroom must be absolutely spotless. I’m talking STERILE — open-heart surgery could be performed inside your bathroom! That’s how clean it should be.

Why? Because she will probably want to use it. (Scented candles and very plush bath towels will make the right impression on her.)

So, after 5 or 10 minutes, you finish up your “business” and you come back into the living room and rejoin her. Now the two of you get in your car and go on your date.

That all sounded very simple. But what you just did with her is HUGE on a psychological level.

Because, at the end of the date, when you suggest going back to your place — to have a glass of wine, watch a movie, or whatever other Tactic you use from my book — she ALREADY KNOWS your environment.

She already KNOWS that your home is a comfortable place to go back to, and chill out.
It’s clean, comfortable, and she already knows you’re not some horndog who is going to try to jump on top of her the moment she comes in the door.

So you take her out for a nice time, you get her back to your place, and that is when the MAGIC happens 😉

I used that simple tactic last week with two different hot younger women — a 23 year old, and a 27 year old. If you want to give your dating like a “turbo boost” and start dating younger women,

Click Here and let me show you some more exclusive tactics and techniques.


Use it — and enjoy.

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