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Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by simonhg

Follow Up EMail #2: (To be sent 4-7 days later)

Subject Line: Urgent – Open Up!

Several days ago I mentioned about the Secrets To Dating Younger Women Program and it’s AMAZING how fast you guys are suckin’ it up!

(Go here if you’ve missed it):


I loved that you guys are LOVING the whole program, but it’s true, hype aside, this really is one of *the* MOST COMPREHENSIVE training for dating younger women EVER:

– A 230+ pages Secrets to Dating Younger Women manual
– Over 11 hours+ of professionally CD-digital recorded materials from the  Dating Gurus
– Penetrating Into “High Status Women” — Bad Boy Style!: A
  55+ pages book
– Body Language & Physiology Secrets — The Silent Killer…
  Revealed!: 60-minute CD personal coaching
– Meet Women Online Fast… The Guaranteed Way

It’s pretty clear… that’s A LOT of killer findings inside… stuff NO ONE knows about. 

Inside, you’ll be learning about:

>>> Where to start: The blueprint and action plan for finding,
    meeting and dating a young, beautiful, top-quality woman, 
    destroy the “age gap” and get her to choose YOU over any
    other guy that tries to compete
>>> 5 secrets to CONSCIOUSLY design and live out your
    “dream life” (whether it be dating multiple high quality
    women or just having your perfect life with your perfect
>>> 15 ways to “flirt” with women (in their 20s and early
    30s) and make them feel ATTRACTION for you…
>>> How to start and keep a conversation going with a younger
    woman you’re interested in (even if you have nothing in
>>> … plus much more!

You can get the full details here:


(PS – Don’t forget to check out the video right at the bottom of the page).

So if YOU want to know how it’s done and get YOURSELF a hot young woman too, go through the program.


If you’re an older guy looking to get younger women (esp those in their 20s and 30s) are way pickier and much more conscious of age gaps. There are specific rules: do’s and don’ts to follow religiously for men who are 5 years
older or more that wish to get them.

You bet it’s tricky, but the paradox to it is that it’s waaaay easier than you think (no space science stuff), and once you DO get it, your ENTIRE world changes!

 … ANY woman, ANY time, you’ll know she’s YOURS. No more hesitation, no more guess-work.

When you download this program, you can spend the next 2 months… watch the video trainings… read the complimentary bonus modules… listen to all CD recordings… and get all the bonuses.

And if you’re not happy for ANY reason at all, then those lessons are FREE. Just ask for a refund, it’s that simple.

Dean’s not dumb enough to make such a guarantee if he wasn’t confident that you’ll absolutely be THRILLED by what’s inside and will be more than happy to KEEP it.

All you need to do is to give it a try:


Offers like this don’t come every day, so please hurry!

All the best…


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Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by simonhg

Email #1:

Subject Line: Secrets To Dating Younger Women… LIVE!

Hi {!firstname},

Hear me out for a sec… I’ve got a REALLY cool resource to share with you today!

Check this out:


If you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or even beyond, and you want to be with hot younger women, you’ll be FLOORED by the time you finish reading this mail!

See, I’ve noticed that of late, a BIG number of guys are writing  in, sharing ‘problems’ they were having when it comes to attracting “younger women”; women who were 5, 10, 30 years younger than them.

And I don’t blame them.


It IS a REAL problem at this day and age because it’s true…

Most guys, when they reach a certain age, they’ll start to think that hot younger women are no longer an option.

Many guys in their 30s have already convinced themselves that women who are 5 or 10 years younger are “out of reach.”

When men mature into their 40s and 50s, this mentality multiplies by four.

Of course they’d still love to date and sleep with hot young babes! But they limit their dating options to women “closer” to their own age — who often have more “baggage” than Paris Hilton coming home after an all-day shopping spree.

But let’s face it.

When you’re dating women who are age 30 and up, these are often women who’ve been divorced… jaded towards men…or they’re raising kids on their own, and looking for a new guy to help out with the bills.

Or, maybe she never got married and doesn’t have kids yet… but if she’s still single after 30, chances are she’s formed A LOT of negative beliefs about men and now she SCRUTINIZES every guy that comes into her life.

But understand that it DOES NOT have to be this way.

In fact, I know A LOT of guys who are considered “old” by society’s standards (those in their 30s, 40s and 50s) who are having the BEST times of their lives!

They regularly date women in their early-mid 20s and between all the great sex and good times, they see no need whatsover to date women their age.

(I’m sure a lot of feminists will HOWL at what I just said… but it’s the truth. YOU will feel the same too if you knew how to master the ‘Younger Women’ game…)

So, look.

If you’re in your 30s, 40s, or beyond, NOW is the time to destroy the myth that you can only get women your own age. There are ways for you to use your maturity, sophistication, knowledge, and life experience as a huge tactical ADVANTAGE.

I’m here to tell you that there are SPECIFIC techniques and strategies for you to use the “age gap” as your own unique ‘weapon’ to get these women!

You may not realize it, but you possess tools right now that younger women find extremely appealing… and that younger guys most definitely DON’T have.

But 95% of men go through life NEVER understanding how to tap into these tools and use them. They think that only rich guys and celebrities can have young “trophy” women… the kinds of girls that get stared at by men everywhere they go. (And that married guys lust over!)

Sooo not true.

And THAT’S why you must check this out:


Ron Louis (the guy who co-authored the BIGGEST selling seduction book of all time!) and Dean Cortez (author of Mack Tactics) teamed up together to create this:

It’s the ultimate.

Never before has an All-Star team of made up of the world’s BEST come together in a single platform giving their all.

These guys are incredibly busy; travelling the world coaching and leading seminars, but we took out all the stops, leveraged on our connections and took more than A FULL YEAR just to schedule time with all of them …AND the results speak for themselves.

I’m talking about THE BEST:

 >>> Savoy (ex-president of the Mystery Method Corp)
 >>> Mehow
 >>> David Wygant
 >>> Sean Stephenson
 >>> Scot McKay
 >>> Dr. Paul
 >>> Brent Smith (mentor to David DeAngelo)
 >>> Carlos Xuma
 >>> Nico Simon Princely
 >>> … and a whole lot more!

They squeezed whatever they could from them and got them to reveal everything: their own methods and secrets for approaching and closing the deal with gorgeous younger women.

They went into detail: how they dress, the locations they go for pick-ups, how they handle first dates, how theycreated a super-social lifestyles… the mentality and techniques they use to meet fun, sexy younger women on
a constant basis… and a bunch more!

Some of my favorite techniques came from Zan Perrion, an industry legend who was a mentor to Neil Strauss (author of “The Game”) and Mystery (currently the most well-known pickup artists around).

Zan, who is in his 40s and enjoys dating a variety of beautiful younger women, explained exactly how he makes his approach and DESTROYS the “age gap” with an clever, effective openers…

You’ll learn how to manage conversations to the point where THEY will do whatever they can to measure up to YOUR standards.


Best of all:

You’ll get them WITHOUT seeming “creepy”, immature or suffering from any social stigma.

… And if your goal is to find a beautiful younger girlfriend, you’ll learn how to stay IN CONTROL of the relationship so that she always cherishes and respects you. Leaving you for another guy will NOT be an option
in her mind.

From voice tone and body language, to specific ways to touch a woman to get her physically turned on, and everything in between.

It’s a SYSTEM, and it all works together.

This stuff is CRITICAL to your success.

I wouldn’t have taken the effort to let you know about it unless I thought it was important.

 So if you’ve been learning some methods and techniques for improving your dating life, but you want SPECIFICS about how to GET younger women, this program is designed to put ALL of the pieces of the puzzle together:


The “stuff” inside is KILLER.

All the best…


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Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by simonhg

Dear Macks,

I’m in love with a stripper. Yeah, I know, I’m probably asking for trouble (and a depleted bank account). Seriously though, she’s a really cool chick. The problem is, she’s got another guy in her life that she can’t shake.

They dated for years, broke up a bunch of times, got back together, broke up “for good” when she busted him sleeping with her best friend… and now, while I’m trying to get something going with her, I suspect she might still be seeing him on the side.

I’m a good guy. I treat women with respect. But this keeps happening to me. The girls I dig always seem to have a thing for creeps. 

 >>> My Comments:

This is a question we get all the time. What is it about “jerks” and “creeps” that hot women find so alluring? With so many nice guys out there willing to treat them like princesses, why do they get so deeply attached to “bad boys?”

What you need to understand is, women aren’t attracted to the fact that these men are self-centered or arrogant. They’re attracted, on an deep subconscious level, to certain BEHAVIORIAL traits that bad boys exhibit.

Here are the big three:

Bad Boys are independent.

They lead their own lives and fit women into their schedule, not the other way around. Women, by nature, want what they can’t have–and bad boys present a challenge and sense of mystery.

Bad Boys are decisive.

They’re never wishy-washy. Women love a man who isn’t afraid to lead; a leader who confronts situations is a man who is capable of fulfilling the most core female need, which is to feel protected. You’ll never hear a bad boy say, “So do you want to hang out sometime?” Or, “what do you feel like doing
tonight?” Bad boys are men on the move. They’ve always got plans in motion. And women want to go along for the ride.

Bad boys don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve.

Aristotle, a mack among ancient Greek philosophers, once said: “He who confesses first, loses.” Pouring out your feelings to a girl might seem like a sweet romantic gesture, but in reality it usually blows you out of the water.

When a girl hasn’t made up her mind about you, and you make it clear you’re totally into her, you seem needy and you’re no longer a challenge. Bad boys keep women guessing: is he really into me, or is he playing games? How many other girls does he have in his life right now? This triggers the female competitive instinct and makes them want a guy that much more. 

The Mack is essentially a nice guy with a “bad boy edge” to his personality. Respect women, treat them right, but understand how to trigger the same female instincts that bad boys use to drive women wild.

(The ‘secrets’ are all in the black book here):

>>> Question From KJ

I asked a dancer out recently and she told me she wasn’t ready to date anyone new. She explained that her ex, Tony, was a psycho and she had to get a restraining order on him. How can I convince her I’m nothing like Tony?

 >>> My Comments:

First off, never refer to her ex by name. Refer to him as “that guy.” This dimishes his significance. Saying his name out loud, when talking about him with her, triggers emotions and memories. 

While you never want to get into extended discussions with women about their ex-boyfriends–you want to keep things focused on the present, and on you and her–knowing the types of guys she’s dated in the past can provide valuable Intell.

This is especially true when she dated a wack dude, since you can now present yourself as the opposite of him.

There are three main categories of wack ex-boyfriends:

1 – The Stalker.

When the relationship ended, this pathetic head case couldn’t let go. When macking a girl who had a stalker ex, you must present yourself as the “anti stalker.” Be extra careful about saying or doing anything that show “clinginess.”

Don’t accompany her everywhere. If you call her to chat, she should be the one calling you next time. When she calls you to invite you out, don’t always accept the invite. Try saying, “I’m just going to chill tonight. You go ahead and have a girl’s night out. Have a great time. Call me tomorrow and let me know how it went.”

Make it a habit to give her space and let her know you’ve got other things going on in your life–unlike the stalker, whose entire world revolved around her.

2 – The Loser.

He was broke, couldn’t hold a job, or simply had no ambitions or direction in life. Become the opposite in her eyes by mentioning things, or goals in your life that you are passionate about. Women are turned on by passionate men. It’s a quality that losers lack. 

3 – The Commitaphobe.

This guy refused to commit to her. Maybe he dumped her at the altar; maybe he was never willing to be monogamous. With this type of girl, demonstrate how important commitment is to you.

Use the word. Don’t say “I’d love to have my own business someday.” Say, “I’m very commited to launching my own business soon.” Don’t say, “I’m close with my family.” Say, “I’m really committed to my family. They’ve always been there for me, and I’m always there for them.” A guy who values commitment is a guy she can imagine being commited to her.
Also, no matter how much of a jackass her ex-boyfriend sounds like, refrain from making disaparaging comments about him.

Remember, at one point in time she had serious feelings for him. Dissing him is basically the same as dissing her, and her judgement. Instead, make him seem irrelevant and not even worth discussing. “It sounds like that guy didn’t appreciate all the great things I’m seeing in you.”

Then move the conversation onto a more pleasant topic. Keep things focused on the present and on future possibilities. “That guy” is boring, irrelevant, ancient history.

A final notes on exes: whenever the topic comes up, women are invariably going to ask you about your romantic past and “what happened” between you and your ex. This is a minefield you do not want to stumble into. No matter how it ended between you and your ex, your explanation is probably going to make you look bad. If she was a nutcase, then it makes you look like you’ve got terrible taste in women.

If she dumped you, it makes you look lame. And if you broke up with her, for whatever reason, it makes you look callous.

Just give a vague answer about your past relationship and reinforce in her mind that you’re both unattached now–and that the future is wide open. “We had a lot of good times together, but in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be.

I think it’s a good thing that you and me are both single now, and back on the scene.”

Now, move the conversation onto a fun topic that leaves the exes in the past–where they belong.

…are you with me here?

Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself:

“Wow, that’s interesting. I sure wish there was a resource available that could show me hundreds of great ideas like that… so I could know exactly what to do from when I first meet these types of women (exotic dancers, strippers, basically SUPER attra.ctive women who get hit on by men A LOT)  to the first date… all the way up until we get physical and beyond…”

Guess what?

It’s right here:



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Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by simonhg

Imagine an environment where you’re surrounded by stunning, highly sexual, practically naked women. The booze is flowing, the music is pumping, and every one of them wants to talk to YOU.

Welcome to the strip club.

Most guys who set foot inside these “flesh palaces” are content to be customers, forking over their cash for cock-teasing lap dances and pointless conversations with women who view them as human ATM machines. 

If you’ve got game, however, view strip clubs are target-rich environments filled with sexy, available women. They’re also a great place to hone your skills and become comfortable flirting with 9’s and 10’s (the most physically attra.ctive women) in other settings. 

Sure, strippers are looking to get your money.

It’s their job.

This is why you’ve got to flip the script, cause them to stop perceiving you as a customer, and make them play YOUR game instead of playing theirs:

Put the right tactics to work, and you can build connections, collect phone numbers, and set up dates just as you would at a bar. 

Here are my top ten tips for strip club success:

1. Go in with the right mindset: you’re way more interesting and confident than 99% of the customers who come to this place. Strippers spend most of their shift having tedious conversations with lame, predictable men.

Once you’ve demonstrated otherwise, she’ll be pleasantly surprised to meet you. 

2. When you enter the club, walk around with your head held high, like you own the place. Never lurk or mill around as if you’re unsure of where to sit. Find a seat and settle in, preferably near a speaker. (I’ll explain why in a moment.)

3. When a hot stripper approaches you, don’t let her sit on your lap. Make her sit beside you. (“Whoa, easy there! Have a seat next to me until we get to know each other a little better.”)

Also, don’t agree if she immediately offers a dance. (“Are you sure you can afford me? I charge $100 for three songs, and no touching below the belt.”) Instead, engage her in conversation and control the flow. If you’re sitting near a speaker, tell you “let’s move somewhere quieter, I want to be able to hear you.” This shows you value what she has to say, and gives it the feel like a “mini date”: you’re taking her somewhere, even if it’s just to the other side of the room.    

4. Keep your eyes off of her body and maintain eye contact. Never comment on how good she looks; if anything, call her “cute.” (“Wow. Not only are you the cutest girl here, but you can actually hold an intelligent conversation.”) 

5. Break her out of her routine. Dancers, like salesmen, have canned routines that they use to make customers feel comfortable and ready to spend money.

When she asks you your name, or where you’re from, ignore it.

Go into your OWN routine and control the conversation. The idea is to get her out of “work mode” and into “chat mode.”

6. Be respectful of her profession. Never refer to it as “stripping”; the term to use for her is “dancer.” Say (or imply) that you’ve dated dancers before and demonstrate familiarity with her profession.

“It’s too bad I swore off dating dancers, because I can tell you and I would get along. I get the sense there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

Or, “I know you’ve got some funny stories from working here. My ex used to tell me about the weirdo customers she had to deal with…”

7. Befriend the staff: bouncers, coat check, bus boys, DJs, managers, owner, etc. When you visit, staff members should know and greet you.

This gives you high social value in the eyes of the dancers; you’re not a typical customer.

Befriending a male staff member is easy: say, “Dude, you’re the envy of every guy–hanging out in a club full of beautiful, half-naked women and getting paid for it.

You make me want to consider a career change. By the way, my name’s ______.”

8. Don’t forget, she’s there to make money. Go on slow nights when there aren’t a lot of customers vying for her attention.

After you’ve been chatting for a little while, it’s okay to buy a dance from her–but a minute or two into the song, tell her she can sit back down, and resume the conversation. (Again, always behave like a non-customer.)

9. During the conversation, apply the same Tactics you would use on women in a bar. Ask her questions that prompt her to reveal quirky things about herself.

Use Hypotheticals, i.e., “If you could teleport right now to anywhere in the world, where would you go?” Or, “If you won the lottery tomorrow and never had to work again, how would you spend your time?” (It’s all in the Advanced Persuasion Program)

 *** If you HAVEN’T grabbed it yet, and you’re STILL allowing women to play their silly little games with you, I want you to give this a quick look ***:

Here’s another good one: “Tell me something about yourself that the customers in here would never suspect.”

Also, you’ve got to be cocky and playful. Never act impressed. Never comment on her beauty. Frame the conversation as if you ALREADY KNOW she likes you, and now she’s got to prove that she’s interesting and “deep” enough for you to respect.

Make statements like, “I can tell there’s more to you than meets the eye.” Or, “I can tell you’re a spontaneous, adventurous person. That’s good because I can’t hang out with uptight, boring people.”

Or, “I’m sure that men judge you a certain way because of your looks, but I can tell you’re a lot more sensitive than people realize.”

(This Strip Club Seduction book contains many of these “power statements,” which are designed to loosen her up and get her sharing with you on a deeper level.)

10. It might take more than one visit for you to “close” the dancer you like (getting her number, or meeting her after her shift).

Since you will NOT be buying dances (this frames you as a customer), you’ve got to use strategic conversation to build a connection with her in less than 10 minutes and then A) get her number, or B) arrange to meet her after
her shift.

Then tell her, “I don’t want to stop you from making money, and there are obviously a lot of lonely men in here — we’ll continue this conversation soon.” 

If you’re at the club with friends, you can continue hanging out; if you’re alone, don’t sit there waiting for her to get freed up.

Make your exit and return in the near future to continue building your connection with her–or, if you were able to arrange an after-work meet, see her then and continue using the correct tactics. 

Remember, once you’ve gotten her in your groove, you’ll want to engage her in a deep, compelling conversation, stimulate her attraction triggers, and close the deal.

 To master the rest of this process and get intimate with her OUTSIDE of the club, hurry up and download this before the whole page comes down:

(Scroll all the way down the page and watch the video).


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Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by simonhg

One of the FASTEST ways to turn a friend over to a lover is to make her JEALOUS. You must make her see you as a MAN.

And to do that, it’s all a matter of building up your SEXUAL VALUE in her eyes.

Making someone jealous is one of the quickest ways to establish your sexual value and turn a friend in to your girlfriend.

By showing that your interest is elsewhere (therefore making her jealous), you are effectively cutting off what she USED to have with you; the wonderful, happy times she spent with you, subconsciously, it’ll make her *realize* that she DOES in fact, have feelings for you.

Let it be TOTALLY ON HER at that point to feel it, to think about it, to come to the conclusion on her own.

So what you can do is to specifically bring up another woman or a past experience with a girl in great detail.


The next time you and your chick friend heads to the record store, pick out a one-of-a-kind bootleg Colbie Caillat CD.

She’ll go, “You don’t listen to Colbie.” And you’ll smile and say, “I know, but this girl I met recently really digs her, and I know she’d love this.”

She’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness, miffed that she doesn’t score suitors like that, and wondering what this woman’s got that makes you treat her so well.

Lay on a week more of the “Oh I always do this kinda stuff, just I never thought you’d bother” before admitting in a tender, unguarded moment that sometimes it’s being with the wrong person that truly makes you realize who’s right…

Here you’re playing yourself up as a prime boyfriend material AND making her jealous at the same time…

Be extremely DESCRIPTIVE and GRAPHIC when you are relating your story to her- up to a point where she can actually picture your story in her mind- almost to the point of ‘tasting’ it.

Offer the vivid details until you can sense she starts getting uncomfortable.

Tell her how Kathy’s body is killer, talk about how Kathy has the most flawless features you’ve ever seen in a girl…

Get her to have an image of how much fun the both of you had together, the teasing, touching, playing and all.

Tell her…

“I was shocked when Kathy showed up at my office today with pizza. Gotta love her for that”

Just keep it going whenever you’re with her…

“Kathy told me that the best deals are on the East side of town”

“Kathy said the funniest thing the other day…”

“I was picking up laundry last night and the owner was wondering where my girlfriend was… I was like who?? The brunette you were with the other day…” I was like … what?
Kathy? Oh please… I mean could YOU imagine both Kathy and me?”

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy…

Do it long, hard and subtle enough, and you’re bound to see how she’ll change when she’s with you…

You will know if you were successful if:

 – She tries to talk bad about the girl/s in some way. (It’s her defensive mechanism).
 – She suddenly goes into silence and appears kind of withdrawn – this is when she is reflecting
 – She gets annoyed, agitated, pissed at you for bringing it up 

Bottom line: “How do I turn a friend into a girlfriend…”

You like her, but you’re afraid of screwing your relationship up if she didn’t feel the same and things become awkward between the both of you. It’s every guy’s
ultimate nightmare.

There’s nothing trickier, more fragile than turning a friend to a lover, and if you want to get it ‘just right’ and land that one girl you’ve always wanted, these videos
are exactly what you need to be watching:

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