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Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by David Kwan

Guys are constantly wondering, what is ‘the secret’ to turning a platonic friend to be your girlfriend?

Look around and you can see it happening all the time; well-meaning, good and caring guys with the best intentions in the world for a girl he likes, but somehow ends up being placed in the ‘friend zone’ no matter how hard he tries.

If you want to turn a friend to be your girlfriend, a big part of doing it right, getting them to successfully ‘turn’ over is to first know what they really need.

Notice, we didn’t say what women WANT.

Because what they SAY they want, and what they actually NEED, are two different things. (This is an important concept to remember if you want to know how to turn a friend into something more).

We’ve been led to believe that women want a nice, safe, sensitive “metrosexual” guy. A guy who is in touch with his feminine side, and is a friend first and a lover second.

And of course, the media tell us that an “attractive” guy is also supposed to make a lot money, stay in great shape, spoil his girlfriend with attention, and be completely available to her every time she needs to complain about something.

Well, here’s the big secret…

What women NEED… on a core, biological level… is a whole different set of qualities.

Women are programmed to DESPISE weak men. The most important female need is to feel SAFE, and a weak man is never going to be able to make her feel this way.

When you constantly defer to a woman and let HER run the relationship, you might think you’re being a “good boyfriend.”

But you’re actually screwing up the relationship and TURNING HER OFF.

To turn a friend to be your girlfriend, you have to first stop playing “wuss” in your interactions with her. (You know what a “wuss” is, right? It’s a combination of the words “wimp” and another word that starts with P and ends with Y.)

This is situation MANY guys get into. We call it the “vicious cycle.”

A guy starts dating a girl, and she begins to make demands.

The demands are small at first: always answer when she calls your cell phone.

Spend time with her instead of watching the football game.

Be available to talk to her and see her whenever she wants, even if you’re busy with work or other friends.

Over time, the demands sometimes get bigger: get a better job, don’t hang out with your single buddies because they’re a bad influence, etc.

Eventually, they get married… and that’s when the demands become major. She wants a bigger house, a nicer car, a child or two (even though you don’t feel ready.)

Most guys accept these demands as part of the relationship, and they go along with her demands to avoid having arguments. (This is one of the reasons why they get placed into the friend zone).

(Download and watch these videos for more techniques on how to get a woman to CHANGE HER MIND and see you as a SEXUAL BEING and not “just a friend”):

You would THINK that she would appreciate this. After all, you are always making the effort to please her!

But it actually has the opposite effect. She becomes annoyed by the fact that he won’t show a backbone. So she keeps making more and more demands, nagging the guy, henpecking him and controlling every area of his life.

Subconsciously, she’s trying to FORCE him to show his Alpha side.

But most guys never do. They just get beaten down and “whipped.”

You see, women, in their hearts, don’t want a guy who always defers to her and agrees with her. This type of guy radiates WEAKNESS, and a woman is never going to feel safe and secure in a relationship with a weak guy.

She has a core need to be with an Alpha Man.

She might SAY she wants a “nice guy”… the sweet, caring type who brings her flowers, provides a shoulder to cry on, and jumps through any hoop she puts in front of him.

But she has an inner NEED to be with a Alpha Man.


When she goes through one of her emotional hissy fits, she needs an Alpha Man who will be FIRM and calm her down.

You can be the sweetest, kindest guy in the world…faithfully bringing home a paycheck… but if you’re a wuss, your woman is actually going to RESENT you for it.

Women are wired to want to be with Alpha Men. They need the sense of stability, security and strength that an Alpha Man provides.

And we’re not talking about physical strength… showing EMOTIONAL strength is far more important, and hugely attractive to women.

She wants a MAN who makes her feel comfortable being the WOMAN. (If you want to get out of the friend zone, remember this).

You CAN be a nice, laidback, respectful dude… and you should be. But you’ve got to have a strong, decisive Alpha core that makes women feel safe and protected.

You can be rich, and have movie-star looks, and all those other qualities that are supposed to be “attractive.”

But take our word for it: until you make your personal Alpha transformation, you’re going to find yourself in unfulfiling relationships with women who will eventually LEAVE you (or drive your crazy with their demands!)

Stop worrying about what women want. Learn what they NEED, and BECOME THAT GUY.

If you find yourself stuck in the dreaded “friend zone” and you’re desperately looking for a way to get out of it, get back IN the game and turn her to be YOUR girlfriend, you should check these videos out:

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Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by David Kwan

First impressions are crucial in any encounter, whether you’re on a blind date or interviewing for a job.

When you first meet a woman for the first time and start a conversation, she pretty much decides within the first sixty seconds whether or not you are someone she’d be willing to form a romantic relationship with or whether you’re more suited to be “just a friend”

Remember this as you’re looking to turn a friend into a girlfriend. First impressions are absolutely critical!

She’s sizing you up the second you make eye contact. While you may be sneaking a peek at her breasts, or wondering whether she’s wearing a G-string under her jeans, HER mind is trying to determine if you’re possible boyfriend/husband material.

Are you safe to be with?

Are you physically healthy (an indicator that you’re capable of producing healthy offspring?)

Are you the kind of guy she can picture introducing to her friends, or bringing home to Mom and Dad?

Do you lead an exciting, active lifestyle — one that she’ll  want to be a part of?

And, do you have passions and ambitions? (I’ll show you that the guy who projects these qualities can be WAY more attractive than the guy who’s already got a million dollars in the bank.)

These questions and others are racing through the back of her brain. And the female mind, within this first minute, is looking for reasons to say “NO” rather than “YES.”

(Don’t resent it — it’s a natural female defense mechanism. Instead, you’ve got to learn how to MASTER this challenge.)

Hot women have an even more finely-tuned radar, since they are constantly approached by the WRONG men.

Hot girls know that if they ALLOW a man to enter her personal space and start talking, he’s probably going to KEEP TALKING… and talking… and talking… until she is forced to come up with an excuse to get away from him.

(“I need to go find my friend,” is the most common excuse that women make.)

So, in order to turn a casual friend into a lover, your first step is to always put yourself in HER shoes. If you were constantly being approached by guys who had ZERO game, and asked a bunch of intrusive questions, would YOU be receptive to them?

No. You’d be looking to blow these guys off as fast as possible.And that’s why hot girls are MASTERS at this!

So where does that leave you? You’re a regular guy who doesn’t want to annoy women. You just want them to give you a CHANCE.

You know that if women would just be RECEPTIVE to you, they would discover that you’re a nice, cool guy who they’d enjoy talking to.

But, like all guys, you HATE getting blown off. It sucks!

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world… getting up the courage to walk up to a girl and introduce yourself, and she rolls her eyes and turns away from you.

Well, it’s time to put an end to that. I’m going to show you some absolutely incredible methods for getting women to LOWER their “force field” and allow you in.

In order to stay out of the friend zone and to get a woman to see you more as boyfriend material, it’s essential for you to DOMINATE the first 60 seconds and engage her in a fun, original, interesting conversation that makes her WANT to invest her time in you… even if she rolled her eyes at the last 37 guys who tried to talk to her.

(Download and watch these videos for more techniques on how to get a woman to CHANGE HER MIND and see you as a SEXUAL BEING and not “just a friend”):

First, forget about trying to engage her in the usual, cliche small talk. (“So what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Have you been here before?” etc.)

Why? Because these lame “job interview”-type questions paint you as JUST ANOTHER ORDINARY GUY.

Ordinary guys are SO easy for a woman to “read.”

She’s KNOWS you’re interested in her.

She KNOWS you’re looking to get in her pants.

She KNOWS that you’ve got nothing interesting to talk to her about, and no VALUE to offer her…

And so, in that first 60 seconds, she’s TUNING OUT.

How do you get around this? What’s the secret?

Well, in our program you’re going to learn specific approach techniques that cover virtually every situation.

One of my favorites is the “Cold Read.” This is a great way to catch a woman off-guard and get her IMMEDIATELY interested in what you have to say.

Cold Reads also make you seem like an unusually perceptive, insightful person… you’re a guy who UNDERSTANDS her and RELATES to her.

By the way, this Tactic is used all the time by palm-readers and “psychics.” You know how they can “size you up” within seconds, and tell you things about yourself that seem amazingly perceptive?

Well, they’re simply really good at using Cold Reads.

Here’s an example. You’re at a bar, and you observe a beautiful girl sitting alone. She seems like she has something on her mind, and she doesn’t look “open” to being approached.

So you walk up to her and you say,

“I can tell you’ve got something important weighing on your mind. You’re on the verge of making a pretty big decision, aren’t you.”

This will strike a chord with her 90% of the time, because on any given day, ALL of us are thinking about a decision we need to make.

It might not be some huge life-changing thing, but we’ve ALL got decisions we are thinking about. (Especially if we’re sitting alone, having a drink.)

Chances are, she’ll perk up when you say this, and she’ll be struck by how perceptive you are.

She might offer to tell you about it. If she doesn’t, don’t ask. Just introduce yourself and start the conversation, using the techniques in our program.

Then, a couple of minutes later, drop another Cold Read:

“Y’know, Melissa, I get the sense that a lot of people misjudge you. They assume you must be this cold, stand-offish person, but you’re actually a lot funnier and more sensitive than they realize.”

(This Cold Read is GREAT to use with beautiful women, since they feel that people are always judging them based strictly on their looks. Hot girls think people assume them to be “bitches” or unintelligent bimbos — but you’re looking deeper, and showing her you understand how she REALLY is.)

Once you’ve conquered the first 60 seconds, you’ll know how to engage her in an original, compelling conversation and CONTROL THE FLOW.

This means no “awkward silences.”

It means you NEVER reveal things about yourself that you shouldn’t. (One example? NEVER talk about your ex in a negative way.)

It means her attraction to you ESCALATES, instead of cooling down.

As you get her to share important personal details about herself, that build the bond between you and her, you’ll also plant subconscious “seeds” in her mind that amplify her
interest and attraction.

There’s a saying that in every person’s lifetime, they let at least one million-dollar opportunity pass them by. You’ll be the exception to this rule… and it all begins with the first 60 seconds.

It’s true, in order to turn a friend to be you girlfriend, it’s absolutely one of the trickiest situations you can ever find yourself in with a woman, you only have one chance to get it “right”, blow it, and you’ll never find yourself having another go at it again.

If you’re like most guys who are desperately looking for ways to make sure that you NEVER again hear the “F” word… I’m talking about the ever dreadful and embarrassing “let’s just be friends”, “I only like you as a friend” lines from that one woman you’re madly in love with but just can’t seem to get no matter how hard you’ve tried, well, this will help you to easily and automatically take care of that:

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Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by David Kwan

So what is the answer to one of the most commonly asked question in dating ever since the beginning of time: how do I turn a friend in to a lover?


It’s all a matter of know when when and how to play your cards right with your target of choice.

These are my 6-steps to get you out of the friend zone and get women sexually interested in you…

1. Limit your availability. I’m willing to bet that whenever this girl does call you, you eagerly answer the phone and chat with her for as long as she wants.

You THINK that when you spend two hours on the phone with her, sharing your life stories and telling her about the girl who broke your heart when you were in the tenth grade, you’re building some kind of deep “connection” with her.

But what you’re actually doing is removing ANY sense of mystery about yourself, and letting her know that you have nothing else going in your life… and no other women. This is massively UN-attractive to her.

(I know that when you’re a man who is struggling with his dating life, and haven’t hooked up with a chick in a while, this takes a LOT of discipline. Your instinct is to make yourself totally available to her and try to spend as much time as possible with her. Well, go ahead and keep doing it this way, if you want to keep wondering why women keep placing you in the friend zone…)

2. Until you’ve slept with a woman, limit your phone chats with her to five minutes. And don’t get caught up in constant text-messaging. Give her the sense that you’re a busy man with places to be.

Use these short phone calls, or text exchanges, to lock down your plans to see her again. Save the deep conversations for when you are actually spending time with her.

3. Women are moody and emotional. Get used to it, and know how to deal with it. When she start acting weird or distant, she is testing you. She wants to see how you will respond. Do you kiss her ass and ask her “what’s wrong?” Do you get frustrated and angered by her behavior? (Either of these responses will only make her get more moody!)

Or, do you behave like a firm, direct MAN? (Tell her, “Well, I can tell you’ve got some things on your mind right now, so why don’t you take some time to sort it out and get back to me. I’ve got some things I need to handle right now.”)

(Download and watch these videos for more techniques on how to get a woman to CHANGE HER MIND and see you as a SEXUAL BEING and not “just a friend”):

4. Her ex-boyfriend is irrelevant. Women commonly use the excuse, “I got out of a bad relationship recently, I don’t know if I’m ready for someone new, I don’t want to get hurt again,” etc. It’s all crap, basically. The truth is, if she met a confident, attractive man RIGHT NOW who made her feel a sexual connection, she’d forget about her ex-boyfriend in about 2.3 seconds.

When she talks about her ex, and how she’s “not ready,” what she really means is that you’re not making her feel attraction, and so she’s testing you to see what kind of man you are.

You need to put her in a positive, fun state of mind and keep her there. When she thinks of you, she should think of fun times and feeling good about herself.

The last thing you want to do is allow her to dwell on her ex-boyfriend and be her “shoulder to cry on.” If she ever mentions him, change the subject.

And never refer to him by name because it only aggravates her emotional state. (Instead, refer to him as “that guy.” Make him seem irrelevant and insignificant.)

HER: “I guess I’m just in a bad mood today because it would have been my third anniversary with my ex, John…”

YOU: “Well it sounds like that guy didn’t appreciate you the way he should have, and it’s his loss. I’m just glad we’re getting to know each other, because I can tell there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. So tell me more about ________”

(Change the subject onto something that gets her in a positive, talkative mood).

5. Never confess your attraction to her. Women interpret this as a sign of weakness. You’ve been taught by the media that woman want a soft, sensitive guy who isn’t afraid to confess his feelings. Actually, the opposite is true. She needs to know you are a strong, emotionally secure and confident MAN.

Once you’ve got a sexual relationship going with her, and she’s bonded to you, feel free to be a sweet, loving boyfriend and do all of the romantic things that drive her wild. But until then, you’ve got to play it cool.

6. Finally, be willing to “man up” and walk away. If for whatever reason she just can’t sort out her feelings, cut her loose. Trust me, if you were involved with two or three OTHER women right now, you wouldn’t have the time or the interest to play games with some chick who can’t make up her mind.

When you have multiple options, you will ALWAYS feel confident and in control.

Don’t make the mistake that most guys make, and place “all of your eggs in one basket.” This is also one of the biggest mistakes guys make when they want to turn a friend into something more. There focus too much on that one girl.

Once a woman has mentally placed you in “The Friend Zone,” it’s difficult to change her feelings towards you. Ideally, you never want to her to view you as her platonic, non-sexual “buddy” in the first place. This is why when you do meet up with women for a date, you’ve got to take things in a sexual direction.

This doesn’t mean you have to sleep with women on the first date. But you MUST establish some physical contact and make her feel that you’re a sexual possibility for her.

That’s the difference between guys who always suffer in the “Friend Zone,” and guys who GET IT DONE.

If you’re constantly pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get that ONE SPECIAL GIRL you’ve always fantasized about (but she ONLY treats you as a friend/brother and NOTHING else), watch these videos to learn how to CHANGE HER MIND and turn the tables IMMEDIATELY:

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Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by David Kwan

Turning a friendship into a relationship is tricky.

One wrong move and you might risk losing her as a friend. It’s an extremely fragile situation and you’ve got to get it right the first time around.

One way is to capitalize on a concept called “Social proof” as it’s a very powerful psychological trigger that can really influence the way people act.

Social Proof is all about human nature and CONDITIONING.

As humans we do things based on what other humans do.

We are more likely to make a decision or take an action when we have seen PROOF that someone else has also made the same decision.

The choice becomes that much easier when we realize people “just like us” (similar demographics) have made the exact same choices too.

It’s like I’m walking to a football game to go to my seat and 40,000 people in front of me are lined up going through the gates waiting to enter the stadium.

Instead of analyzing where to go , I’ll just follow along with the crowd.

It’s sort of like monkey see, monkey do. We are very, VERY much influenced by people around us, especially if we feel people around us are similar to us.

And that’s the underlying concept behind social proof.

Same applies here. If you want her to see you differently as sexual man, rather than just as someone who’s platonic, social proof is a powerful concept because, if we can subtly “demonstrate” to women that other women, just like them, are attracted to us, are interested in us, enjoy hanging out with us or they simply want us, they are more likely to make the same decision.

Women feel attraction toward men in the company of other women!

The fact is that women are VERY competitive creatures.

Especially when it comes to men.

The good news is that if you know how to take advantage of this, and BRING OUT that sense of COMPETITION in a woman, you will be able to make a woman feel STRONG feelings of attracting for you VERY quickly and get her to be your girlfriend.

And social proofing is one of the most powerful ways to bring out her ‘catty’ side AND to increase your sexual value to her as a man.

The bottom line is that this stuff is POWERFUL, it triggers ATTRACTION, and it communicates to a woman that you GET IT, AND it helps you to reach inside and touch a woman in a way she’s always wanted, and in a way that she responds to powerfully.

I feel it’s time that we as men started learning more about how women work, what they respond to, and how to TRIGGER those powerful feelings of ATTRACTION in the woman that YOU desire.

I’m so convinced that this program is the BEST of its kind out there (actually, it’s the ONLY of its kind) and I’m so convinced that it WILL help you GET HER (whether it be a friend or someone you’ve just recently met), that I will send it to you to try AT MY RISK.

You can watch all the videos RIGHT NOW and get the details here:

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Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by David Kwan

The age-old answer to turn a friend to be something more?


Variety is EVERYTHING and it rings true in ALL aspects of your interactions with women if you want to turn a friend to be your girlfriend.

The more emotions she feels around you, the stronger an impression you’ll make.  The more interesting things she learns about you and tells you about herself, the more deeply she’ll feel connected to you.

And the more places she visits and things she does and sees with you, the longer she’ll feel she’s known you.

And the longer a woman who is attracted to you has known you, the more inclined she will be to acting on that attraction and go further with you into a deeper, more “romantic”

What you want is for your girl to come with you on a handful of different adventures, you want to keep stirring up emotions in her; happy, sad, annoyed, angry, irritated, fun, sensual, sexual, flirty, etc… it doesn’t really matter.

Have you had friends who just couldn’t seem to see eye to eye with one another, who couldn’t stand one another, always arguing, quarrelling and suddenly one day you see the both of them hooking up together as a couple?

I have.

Many times.

Why and how did it happen?

The tension was always there, emotions were stirred, without them realizing it, the constant provocation of emotions were actually setting up the stage for a deeply,
passionate relationship.

So again, it’s really more about MEMORIES you create in her and less about the TIME you know each other that sparks attraction in a woman.

Sharing more experiences in a shorter amount of time makes a closer, DEEPER connection.

The premise of distorting a woman’s senses to spark attraction is based on a psychological phenomenon known as Response Facilitation (RF).

This is the process of strengthening the dominant response in a particular situation. You are going to use it to strengthen her emotional responses and get her to REALLY
like you and see you a little more than a friend.

This is how it works.

Understand that emotions basically consist of two parts: a cognitive component (what you’re thinking) and a physiological component (what you’re feeling).

The cognitive, “thinking component” determines WHAT emotion you’re feeling… while the physiological, “feeling component” determines the INTENSITY of that

For example, if you’re thrilled with someone, you’re thinking all kinds of “exciting” thoughts about that person (This is great fun! Can’t wait to do this again!).

You’re also experiencing certain physiological sensations throughout your body that indicate that you’re excited such as an increased heart rate, increased
blood pressure, mild sweating, adrenaline surging throughout your veins, etc..

And the more intense the physiological aspects become, the more exhilaration you FEEL.

The state of being thrilled has more to do with the cognitive, “thinking” component, than with the physiological, “feeling” component.

You’re thinking “thrilling” thoughts first and your body starts reacting to what you are thinking.

Use states of PHYSIOLOGICAL arousal to intensify her emotional responses. Remember, the arousal part of emotions is pretty similar from one emotion to the next, and the amount of arousal present determines the INTENSITY of the experienced emotion.

Now that you understand this, you’ll have to think of ways to come up with situations where she is highly likely to experience increased levels of arousal, and to pair YOURSELF with that arousal.

So, in a nutshell, you should be able to take a girl who likes you (someone who has mild physiological arousal when you’re around) and make her REALLY like you, by adding “extra” arousal to the situation.

The extra arousal will add up with that that is already present so as to increase the intensity of her emotional response toward you.

So how do you go about it doing it?

(Download and watch these videos for more techniques on how to get a woman to CHANGE HER MIND and see you as a SEXUAL BEING and not “just a friend”):

You do it by simply doing enjoyable AND arousing things together by having fun AND amping up the teasing, flirting and sexual tension when you’re together.

Most of these activities involve doing something FUN and extremely enjoyable that appeals to her five senses.

FUN and arousal, if you don’t already know, always leads to LOVE and PASSION.

For example…

You can take her to an amusement park.

The crazy roller coasters, drenching water slides, breath-taking ferry wheels will not only increase her heart  rate but also her sense of arousal.

It gives you both a chance to hug one another, to accidentally touch, kiss, hold one another, and so on…

As you’re both getting on board the roller coaster, you give her your hand, she grabs it, you hold on to it, you look deep into her eyes, if she doesn’t let go, it means she likes

As you’re flying up and down, if she’s comfortable with you, she might hug on to you and you grab on tightly to her and bring her closer into you.

You can playfully kiss her and tell her “Janice, this is to calm you down”.

The smallest of things, the simplest of things works wonders, the activities you’re doing  together will give you unlimited opportunities and chances to go kino, to get physical with her, unlike everyday shopping and boring talk will ever do.

It won’t look like you’re taking advantage or that you’re trying to put a move and on her because it’s as NATURAL as it can ever be!

It’s really a very powerful way to turn a friend into a lover.

In other ways to turn a friend to a girlfriend, you need to intensify her feelings; take her to these places so that she loses track of time passing.

Take her to a place where there are constant ACTIVITY and MOVEMENT so she gets caught up in the atmosphere – embark on some kind of journey together, distract her mind with new sights, new people, new experiences.

The pace of your seduction and attraction effort must pick up at a certain moment to create a whirling effect in her mind.

The point is for you to get creative in creating OPPORTUNITIES for yourself in order for her to see a WHOLE NEW SIDE to you that she’s NEVER seen and experienced before.

if you’ve always been clueless and wondering…

“How do I turn a friend into a girlfriend?”

“How do I nail that ONE girl who only treats me as a friend?”

“How do I get out of the friend zone and get her to see me as

Download and watch these videos for all your answers:

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