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I have a friend named John who frequently comes to me for dating advice. He’s in his early 40s, recently divorced, and trying to jump back into the dating scene.

Like a lot of guys who study my material on how to get more dates, John is interested in younger women. Not TOO young, mind you. I’m talking about fun, sexy women in their 20s and early 30s. Those are the girls John wants to be with. He keeps in good shape. He’s a fun, outgoing guy. So why shouldn’t he go after the women he desires most?

But John as a “sticking point” that he always seems to run into when he takes younger women out on dates: he has a hard time Closing the Deal.

John came to me with a question yesterday that I’ve been asked by many men:

“What’s the best way to invite a girl back to my place?”

Usually, this challenge occurs during those awkward moments at the end of a date. The guy has just spent a bunch of money on dinner, and spent two hours trying to make his best impression on the girl, and he’s praying to God that she’s going to AT LEAST reward him with a goodnight kiss when this is all over.

But, more often that not, she will politely blow him off with a quick peck on the cheek, an awkward hug, or worst of all, a handshake.

Sometimes the guy will work up the courage to invite her back to his place, but it’s very easy for a woman to say “no.” (And there are lots of REASONS for her to say no.) She’ll usually say something like, “I have to be up early tomorrow, I should just go home and get some sleep,” yada yada.

So, is there a tactic you can use to pretty much GUARANTEE that women will agree to come back to your place at the end of the date?

Absolultey. I’ve got a move for this situation that I developed recently, and it’s killer.

The first thing you need to understand is, women have a FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

This is why it’s so important to project that you are a safe, stable, trustworthy guy.

You can accomplish this by “dropping hints” during the conversation in a strategic way. You already know all about this if you read Mack Tactics, my book on how to pick up girls.

Now, when your goal is to bring her home at the end of a date…and she’s never been to your place before… it is natural for her to feel some reluctance.

This is because your place — your environment — is UNKNOWN to her.

Her female radar “kicks in,” and her mind comes up with reasons NOT to go there, such as…

  • Your place might be dirty and unsanitary. (Women feel very uncomfortable in that type of environment.)
  • You might have some weirdo roommate who is going to creep her out.
  • You might have a girlfriend or wife that you didn’t tell her about — and she might show up and start some drama!
  • You might live REALLY far away. When she goes home later, she’s going to have a hard time finding her way back to her place.

Those are just some of the things she might be thinking.

Here is my point: you need to ELIMINATE her concerns, suspicions, and fears and make it EASY for her to think, “sure, going to your place sounds fine.”

So how do you make her think this way?

You SHOW her your place, and let her become familiar with it, BEFORE you take her out on the date!

It’s actually SUPER easy to do…

Here is how you play it.

When you call her and set up the date, tell her to MEET YOU outside of your place, so that you can ride in your car together and go to the date location. (Bar, restaurant, coffee shop, whatever.)

Women ALWAYS agree to this. Because A), they are curious about where you live. They are nosy! They want to check out the exterior of your home/apartment/condo.

(Notice, you didn’t say “come over and hang out at my place.” You said, “meet me OUTSIDE my place so that we can ride to the restaurant together.”

And B), they feel more comfortable riding in your car with you, especially if the date location is a place they are not familiar with.

You know how women are with driving — they’d really rather not do it…

OK, now here is how to use this Tactic —

When her car pulls up to your place, go outside — like you’re ready to go on the date — and then tell her you forgot to do something. You need to go back inside and send an email or make a phone call:

“Hey! How are you…oh my God, I just remembered, I need to send an email (or make a phone call) before we go. It’s for my work. Come inside for a minute.”

She will agree to this. Naturally, she is curious to see the INTERIOR of where you live.

So, bring her inside …

Pour her a glass of wine (or some water, if she doesn’t drink), and then you go into the other room and pretend to handle your phone call or email.

The idea is this: you are letting her get familiar with your place. This will no longer be an “unknown environment” to her.

While you spend 5 or 10 minutes in the other room, you are leaving her alone to check out your pad.

And trust me, she WILL check it out. She’ll snoop around a little, look at your pictures, maybe check inside your fridge… she’ll look for any evidence of a girlfriend (or wife) you didn’t mention…

And this means you MUST have a clean place. Your bathroom must be absolutely spotless. I’m talking STERILE — open-heart surgery could be performed inside your bathroom! That’s how clean it should be.

Why? Because she will probably want to use it. (Scented candles and very plush bath towels will make the right impression on her.)

So, after 5 or 10 minutes, you finish up your “business” and you come back into the living room and rejoin her. Now the two of you get in your car and go on your date.

That all sounded very simple. But what you just did with her is HUGE on a psychological level.

Because, at the end of the date, when you suggest going back to your place — to have a glass of wine, watch a movie, or whatever other Tactic you use from my book — she ALREADY KNOWS your environment.

She already KNOWS that your home is a comfortable place to go back to, and chill out.
It’s clean, comfortable, and she already knows you’re not some horndog who is going to try to jump on top of her the moment she comes in the door.

So you take her out for a nice time, you get her back to your place, and that is when the MAGIC happens 😉

I used that simple tactic last week with two different hot younger women — a 23 year old, and a 27 year old. If you want to give your dating like a “turbo boost” and start dating younger women,

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Use it — and enjoy.

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