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Follow-Up Email #2 (To Be Sent 4-7 Days Later)

Subject Line: Use This, She’ll NEVER Say No!

Hi [first name],

Whoa, several days ago, I shared a cool resource and good to know everyone’s LOVIN it!

Unfortunately, at the same time, I’ve been getting quite a few emails saying that they wanted to download it but the website was down. I checked with Dean again and everything is now back up again so if you had trouble downloading it the first time or missed out on it, you can get it at this page again:

Like I said…

Unlike other so-called ‘experts’ who teach far-out, over-the-top techniques that makes you look like nothing but an ASS in front of women, Dean reveals SIMPLE tactics that can be used in ANY situation (however ‘tricky’).

What you’ll find inside: 

– Why strip clubs can actually be BETTER than bars and
nightclubs  to pick up single women and get them to be
your girlfriend

– Guaranteed “deal closers”: Under-The-Radar fail-proof
techniques for scoring her phone number EVERY TIME, or
arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift …
without spending money

– What her boyfriend’s profile is like and how you can
fit that mold and get her instantly attracted to you
– A step-by-step detailed explanation broken down on
the 8 intimate details you must get her to reveal, if
you want her to feel a sexual connection with you

– How to use subconscious phrases to get her in a sexual,
spontaneous, “loose” frame of mind with NO resistance
right up the point she gets into your bed

… and much more!

This book is JAM-PACKED with the BEST techniques I have ever seen on how to read a woman’s body language, how to flirt, how to create unstoppable confidence, and especially how to CLOSE super hot, VERY attractive women!
And if you are DEAD SERIOUS in wanting to become a perfect 10 MASTER with these ‘types’ — you’ve got to check it out.

Best part is, you can immediately download your own copy and read it in the next 5 minutes here:

Then you’ll know why I’m so ‘for’ it. 

Believe me, you’ll be glad you did 😉


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