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Recommended Subject Line: Seduce & Sleep With A Hot, Sexy Stripper Tonight

Hi {!firstname},

Quick story…

About 2 months ago, I was approached by a guy who claimed to have one of the first *black books* completely devoted to seducing & picking up strippers/exotic dancers and super-hot 10s (Yea right!)

He even said his *secret* black book was the only thing a guy would need if he wants to sleep with them (without paying) or even get them as girlfriends (lame).

Being the usual skeptic, I was like “whatever…”, I mean, what else was I supposed to say? Over the years, I’ve gone through TONS of different courses on dating, attraction, etc (all sent to me for reviews) and most of it was either JUNK or was usually the same ol, same ol..

But this dude, he was a little different; really persistent and kept insisting that I run through his materials despite the many times I told him “no!”…

In the end, I caved, I thought “what the heck” and gave his stuff a shot..

From the get go, everything dived straight into ADVANCED seduction & game; the hows, whens, whats and why’s…

… and I liked it! 

And since you’re “part of the gang”; a valued member of our newsletters, I feel I’ll be doing you a dis-service if I don’t at least tell you about it because I personally think it’s REALLY important to only recommend someone whom I think truly “gets” the concept of building sexual chemistry with these supermodel-like women (Remember, these ‘types’ are EXTREMELY picky when it comes to men because they have TONS of guys hitting on them every day).

So take a minute to check this page out:

Oh yeah, btw, the dude’s name is Dean. We’ve been pretty tight ever since that first encounter, he’s a RIOT to hang out with; I’ve seen him in action with the ladies many a time, and I’ve to say — he really walks the talk.

To sum it up, his techniques are simple, practicle and most importantly; it’s DO-ABLE.

Unlike other so-called ‘experts’ who teach far-out, over-the-top techniques that makes you look like nothing but an ASS in front of women, he reveals SIMPLE tactics that can be used in ANY situation with women (however tricky).

Whether you’re talking to a girl you’ve just met or to someone you’ve secretly loved for YEARS, his advice is PERFECT for any situation where you want to flirt and create sexual attraction.

The entire “black book” course contains AMAZING content that gives you specific, step-by-step detail on how to reel these women in.

What’s great is you can immediately get your own copy and learn these techniques in the next few minutes here:



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