Posted on Sunday, 22nd February 2009 by David Kwan

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Urgent – Open Up & Read This NOW -[first name]…

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Hi [first name],

This e-mail is extremely urgent so please read the entire
thing… I would feel terrible if you missed out on this
because you did not get my e-mail in time.

You see, ever since I sent out an announcement last [enter
date of send out] about Simon’s “Friend To Girlfriend
Secrets Video Program”, many of you have been scrambling to
download your own copies to take advantage of his early
bird discounted launch price…

(Just in case you missed it, you can learn more about it

Bad news is, apparently the “early bird” period is about to
end anytime now…

Good news is, Simon has promised me to give my valued
subscribers (you) one last shot to grab your own copies
before he raises the price to it’s originial intended level.

So if you’re thinking of getting it, you better hurry up &
take advantage of his discounted offer now before it’s
too late…

In it, you’ll discover:

>>> How to shift the ‘just friends’ energy right into a
more seductive, EDGIER one.

>>> Word-for-word scripts on exactly what to say when you’re
asking her to be your girlfriend that makes it impossible for
her to say no

>>> How to NOT let a woman’s “test” shake and control your
actions so you can eliminate her influence and be a guy she
respects and falls madly for

>>> The “rules” of attraction and how to subtly use them
to give a woman the “I’ve got to have him” feeling she only
gets when she has finally met ‘the one’.

>>> How you can up a notch and go ‘all the way’ to get her
to be your girl WITHOUT ever having to risk the ‘friendship’
and lose her as a friend

>>> … PLUS a whole lot more!

Because I am constantly on the look-out to share great
information with my valued customers and subscribers (like
you), I HIGHLY recommend you have a go at this entire

… if the page is still there, this means you made it in
time special launch discounted price with the additional
$296.80 worth of FREE bonuses!

When you download this program, you can go through the
entire 2 months… watch all the video trainings… read
all the complimentary bonus modules… listen to all
private CD recordings… and get all the bonuses.

And if you’re not happy for ANY reason at all, then
those lessons are ON HIM. Just ask for a refund, it’s
that simple.

Simon’s not dumb enough to make such a bold guarantee if he
wasn’t confident that you’ll absolutely be THRILLED by
what’s inside and will be more than happy to KEEP it.

All you need to do is to give it a try:

Offers like this don’t come every day, so please hurry!

All the best…


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