Posted on Thursday, 9th October 2008 by David Kwan

Don’t just use one or two of the promotional materials, all the methods listed on our affiliate center work should be set-up TOGETHER as a complete campaign.

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Send out email promo announcements to your subscribers

Step 2: Set up a new Product Reviews Page on your most visited section of your website (normally your home page)

Step 3: Use those email announcement templates and place them within your autoresponders 1 month later. (this ensures PASSIVE income)

Step 4: Use any one of our articles and place them within your autoresponders (this provides consistent content to your subscribers and ensures PASSIVE income).

Step 5: Create separate pages within your website containing the dating articles provided and then link them back to our sales site

Step 6: Create your own pay-per-click campaigns in all the major PPC search engines and start promoting there

Step 7: Write reviews on our products and use Press Releases like distribute them to all the major search engines in an instant (recommended and other established PR companies)

Step 8: Write quality reviews on our program and post them to high-traffic articles sites

Step 9: Use our articles and post them on your blogs

Step 10: Copy and paste our banners on your most visited sections on your website

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