Email Promotions

By Far The No.1 Most Effective And Profitable Way To Dramatically Boost Your Affiliate Sales!

If you have a list of opt-in e-mail addresses (i.e. customers and subscribers who have given you permission to contact them), then e-mail promotions can be a highly profitable promotional technique – one of the most profitable techniques, in fact!

If your customers and subscribers know and trust you as someone who they can depend on to provide quality information and products, it’s really easy to write a personal letter of recommendation, endorsing the affiliate product to capitalize on this relationship.

Your customers and subscribers respect your opinion, so when you present them with good information about a quality product, they’re going to act!

They’re going to click through your affiliate link and they’re going to buy – and this translates into huge affiliate commission checks for you!

The following are three (3) Email Templates that should be used in the following sequence: The objective of the mails are firstly to build up a HUGE anticipation to your list followed by the official announcement.

These templates have been tested and been proven to fully MAXIMIZE on your email promotions -- use them correctly and watch your sales SOAR!

Your affiliate link format :<Your ClickbankID>&pid=3

Email Announcement:

Suggested Subject Line:

[first name], Open Up It's Important

Email Message:

I've got something REALLY exciting I'd like to share with 
you today. 

Initially I was planning to let you in on this lil 'secret' 
next week but I just can't keep myself from blurting it out
to you today, so here you go!

In my undying commitment towards helping guys in 
PERFECTING their dating "game", I am always on the lookout 
for the most "up-to-date" strategies on how one can easily 
"fastrack" and shorten their paths towards becoming more 
successful with the ladies... 

And whatever 'info' I can get my hands on, I'll always try my
best to generously share them with you guys in our 
newsletter issues here. 

I still get TONS of emails from our subcribers and from 
daily on what are the perfect opening/pick up lines to say
and EXACTLY what they have to do to smoothly approach women 
and start conversations with them confidently WITHOUT 
getting blown off...

And in my quest of to answer all your questions, I 
recently came across a brilliant 'pick-up' resource that's
just recently been released online. 

Long story short, I got the package, was TOTALLY 
immersed in it for 3 straight days and once I finished
it, I knew I simply HAD TO sit down and tell you about
it right away! 

You can learn more about it here:


I know there are many such resources out there at the 
moment, but this one's DIFFERENT. 

Unlike most of the rehashed stuff out there, this GEM 
of a material will teach you every single thing there
is to know on about approaching women & starting 
conversations WITHOUT them realizing you're even
picking them up! 

I'm talking about the ADVANCED stuff like: 

- Sneaky, yet brutally effective ways to have women 
secretly wishing to talk to you BEFORE you even approach 

- Specific Examples of REAL Proven Game openers with 
'word-for-word' scripts that one can use ANYWHERE (bars, 
clubs, fitness centers, cafes, hotels, shopping malls, etc) 
without getting rejected

- How to quickly come up with riveting 'killer' openers on 
the fly to catch their attention and have women laughing 

- How to STANDOUT and make a woman see you as the "prize" 
instead of a "chump" even if she's already been hit on by 
countless other guys

- How to automatically RAMP UP your social value everytime 
you're around att.ractive women 
with NO effort on your part

... and so much more!

To find out who and what I am talking about please take five
minutes and read the following webpage...

PS - Don't forget to checkout the MASSIVE surprise bonus 
that comes together with it right now: the Deluxe 
Underground Advanced Edition". This bulky add-on contains 
over 45+ real-life situational case studies and 27+ PROVEN 
word-for-word scripts/lines you can use to emotionally 
connect with women & create instant attraction with them
- it's basically the stuff you simply CANNOT afford to 

You can get it here at: 


Do enjoy your materials, alright? 

I know I did! ;-)


Note: Don't forget to insert your ClickBank affiliate link within the link above.<Your ClickbankID>&pid=3

Send this e-mail promotion now!

I recommend you use the above subject line with this e-mail promotion. It’s been tested extensively to guarantee maximum sales. Just copy and paste it directly into your e-mail.

Email Follow Up :

Suggested Subject Line:

[first name], You Still Have Time

Email Message:

If you're one of the people I missed last week, please 
hear me out. 

You see, ever since I sent out an announcement [insert 
date exactly 7 days before)
about the brand new "Instant 
Approaching Secrets" Course, many of you have been rushing 
to download your own copies to take advantage of Simon's 
discounted introductory price...

BUT... at the same time, I've also had NUMEROUS emails from 
guys who were wondering why THEY never received this email 
with all of the details... 

So if I did miss you last week, please know it was NOT on 

And to prove it, here is the link to the web page with all 
of the details one last time:

Unfortunately, I've recently recieved word that the 
Simon's *beta* marketing price test will be ending soon & 
the price of this entire package will be finalized pretty
soon (seems it's way underpriced now)... 

So if you're thinking of getting it, you better hurry up & 
take advantage of his discounted offer no.w before it's 
too late... 

You will learn confidence techniques, where you're likely 
making mistakes in your game, how to smoothly approach & 
start conversations with women anywhere, how to 
"casually" trigger se.xual attraction, how to tease & 
play with women 

... and so much more! 

Don't forget to check out the Deluxe Underground Advanced 
Edition that comes along with it -- pay close attention to 
it & run through it again a 2nd or 3rd time if you must... 
the info within is something you CANNOT afford to miss 
-- definitely! 

But that's only "IF" you want to stay ahead of today’s 
competitive Social Marketplace, of course... ;-)

Offers like this don't come every day, so be sure not to
miss out... 

Here's your own personal download link to access all your 

Thanks and all the best,