Free Viral PDF Report

The Fastest Way To Spread Your Affiliate Links All Over The Internet...

We have recently discovered a brand new way to help our affiliates earn even more commissions! We have just created a bonus free report to further help you pre-sell our program better. You can brand this report as free giveaway and insert your own affiliate links within the entire report. The moment anyone makes a purchase, you will be credited with a sale.

So feel free to give this content rich 16-page PDF report away to all your subscribers, visitors and customers... basically ANYONE! They'll love you for it! And ask them to pass it around to all their friends as well. The more this report gets distributed online, the more sales you'll generate as all sales will be tracked back to your own affiliate links.

You can include this report as a free bonus gift to your subscribers when they sign up for your newsletters or even include a permanent link to give it away for free within your autoresponders.

Make sure you give it away free any place you can!:

  • Newsletters Emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Forum Signatures
  • Autoresponder Signatures
  • As Free Bonus Giveaway When Visitors Subscriber To Your Newsletters
  • Your Paid "Thank You" Pages
  • As A Bonus On Your Sales Page
  • ... and any practical places you can give it away for free! (Try to automate and integrate this task as much as possible)

Now, if anyone clicks on ANY of the links in "The Raw, Unedited Chapter" PDF, it will have your affiliate ID's embedded into it so you will always get paid.

Step #1:

You will need a Clickbank ID rebrand this Report with your affiliate links.

Click Here (to register for FREE) if you do not have a Clickbank ID (username/nickname)

Needed for The Instant Attraction Affiliate Program)

Step #2:

Download the Special PDF Report to your DESKTOP - (Right Click) - Save Target As

Step #3:

Download the PDF Brander to your DESKTOP - (Right Click) - Save Target As

Step #4:

To brand the PDF file with your own affiliate-links, simply double-click on the PDFBrand.exe icon. Then use the “FILE >> OPEN…” command to open up the file with the name: Instant_Attraction_Program_Special_Report.pdf with it or you can DRAG the PDF into the software.

Step #5:

Once you''ve done the above successfully, the PDFBrand.exe analyzes and opens the PDF, you’ll see the list of tags to insert your details in:

{--clickbank--} : insert your ClickBank NICKNAME

Simply enter your appropriate affiliate IDs into the fields.

{--clickbankid--} = Enter your Clickbank nickname, eg: speedcat

Step #6:

Once done, click the “Brand!” button. The brander will ask you to save your branded file under the name “Instant_Attraction_Program_Special_Report_branded.pdf”, do that. It’s ok to save it under a different name and directory if you'd like.

Step #7:

Open up your new re-branded copy of “Instant_Attraction_Program_Special_Report_branded.pdf” (or whatever
name you chose to save it under) and check that your affiliate links are branded right.

Step #8:

Now just simply load the PDF up to your website and then you can give it away simply by pointing a URL to it like. (or whatever file name you've previously saved in under)

Attention: This PDF has proven to get people wanting more. Make sure you take advantage of this.

So make sure you give it away free in any place you can!