Email Autoresponder Integration

By Far The No.1 Most Profitable Way To Boost Your Affiliate Sales! (The 'Secret' Is To Integrate These Templates Into Your Autoresponders... And You'll Be Paid For Life!)

If you have a list of opt-in e-mail addresses (i.e. customers and subscribers who have given you permission to contact them), then e-mail promotions can be a highly profitable promotional technique – one of the most profitable techniques, in fact!

If your customers and subscribers know and trust you as someone who they can depend on to provide quality information and products, it’s really easy to write a personal letter of recommendation, endorsing the affiliate product to capitalize on this relationship.

Your customers and subscribers respect your opinion, so when you present them with good information about a quality product, they’re going to act!

They’re going to click through your affiliate link and they’re going to buy – and this translates into huge affiliate commission checks for you!

The following are two (2) Email Templates that should be used in the following sequence: Believe it or not, the best way to sell this product is to integrate our promotions with your site. Doing a '1 time' promotion with the tools above is great, and will make you some nice money... But adding a systematic use of our tools below with your sites can make you a huge fulltime residual income over time starting right now.

Follow these steps to make 100 x more than a 1 time promotion over time.

#1 - Insert TWO (2) of the following email templates within your current autoresponder emails. (For better results, add them early to the series.) Do it while it's still fresh in your mind.

Email Template #1:

Suggested Subject Line:

[first name], A Very Important Announcement...

Email Message:

Hi [first name],

I've got some exciting news to share with you today!

You see, I just came across a new Dating & Attraction resource several days ago and have been totally IMMERSED with it ever since... yeah, it's THAT addictive!

Anyway, the moment I was finished with it, I knew instantly I had to make sure it gets in YOUR hands immediately as well...

There's easily over 420+ pages filled with fresh new dating ideas and cool 'tricks', you'll be learning about the LATEST techniques on:

- How to get the woman you REALLY want to suddenly
develop deep emotional feelings of attraction for
you no matter what your prior relationship before this
- How to transform yourself at the very core so that you
always radiate the right signals & attitudes all women
will find irresistibly charming
- How to project rock-solid confidence in the presence
of beautiful women & know exactly what to say and what
to do to get the kinds of women you want
- How to create instant attraction with any woman you
want, ANYTIME you want

... and so much more!

You can learn more about it here:


It's not often you can come across a learning system as 'unique' as this, and in all honesty, if you're at all interested to DRAMATICALLY improve & ACCELERATE your dating skills with women, I HIGHLY recommend you to get your own copy of this resource right now...

Oh and by the way, don't forget to checkout the Carlos Xuma's
"28 Advanced Field-Tested Secrets To Female Attraction &
Dating" 90-minute CD Audio Download that comes FRE.E with it...

The information contained within are pure GOLD. ;-)

This is your own personal download link to get it:


You'll be glad you did! ;-)


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Email Template #2:

Important Note: The following e-mail is intended to be sent as the 2nd email to your list. Use these 2 letters together, and you'll nearly double your commissions!

Suggested Subject Line:  

[first name], Urgent - Please Open Up & Read This NOW... 

Email Message:

Hi [first name],

This e-mail is extremely urgent so please read the entire
thing... I would feel terrible if you missed out on this
because you did not get my e-mail in time.

You see, ever since I sent out an announcement last [enter
date of send out]
about Simon's brand new, "Instant Attraction
Program", many of you have been scrambling to download your
own copies to take advantage of his discounted launch
introductory price...

Just in case you missed it, you can learn more about it


Now, if you had a chance to review the bottom part of his
site, he mentioned that he'll be increasing the price of the
Program to its original intended level WITHOUT any prior
notice when he has collected enough raving "success stories"
& testimonials from it...

Well, word has it that he has almost reached his 'target'
point & he will be increasing the price of his Program
anytime now...

So if you're thinking of getting it, you better hurry up &
take advantage of his discounted offer now before it's
too late...

For the QUALITY of seduction techniques that you'll be
learning from it, and the unbelievably LOW price that you'll
be getting it for, this whole Program is an absolute

Here you are going to learn everything from step-by-step
instructions you can immediately use to get beautiful women
to approach you and ask you out for dates to how to have
women who you initially thought were 'out of your league'
laughing, touching and wanting you within minutes of
meeting them.

No matter how 'bad' you are with women before this, you will
learn the 7 most powerful things you can do RIGHT NOW to
become the magnetically irresistible PRIZE every woman
secretly desires, and why almost NO ONE does it.

You will learn field-tested approaching techniques, INNER
confidence techniques, where you're likely making mistakes
in your interactions with women, how to "instantly" trigger
se.xual attraction in a woman, how to communicate playfully,
how to tease & flirt with her, how and when to get
'physical', how to turn a normal friend into one who LONGS
for you...

... and so much more!

Because I am constantly on the look-out to share great
information with my valued customers and subscribers (like
you), I HIGHLY recommend you have a go at this entire

Read & RE-READ it again, and you'll know why I'm so 'for'

Like I said before, I know these techniques WILL work
because I've personally used & REFINED them to what you'll
be learning inside and as my subscriber, I want to make sure
you experience the same kinds of success & rewards, so go


... if the page is still there, this means you made it in
time special launch discounted price with the additional
$241.40 worth of FREE bonuses!

Offers like this don't come every day, so please hurry!

All the best...


Include this e-mail templates into your autoresponders now!

I recommend you use the above subject line with this e-mail promotion. It’s been tested extensively to guarantee maximum sales. Just copy and paste it directly into your e-mail.

Note: Don't forget to insert your ClickBank affiliate link within the link above.<Clickbank ID>&pid=1