Using JEALOUSY To Turn A Friend To Be Your Girlfriend

One of the FASTEST ways to turn a friend over to a LOVER is
to make her JEALOUS. You must make her see you as a MAN. 

And to do that, it’s all a matter of building up your 
SEXUAL VALUE in her eyes. 

Making someone jealous is one of the quickest ways to establish 
your sexual value. 

I cannot stress that enough.

So by showing that your interest is elsewhere (therefore 
making her jealous), you are effectively cutting off what she 
USED to have with you; the wonderful, happy times she spent 
with you, subconsciously, it’ll make her *realize* that she 
DOES in fact, have feelings for you.

Let it be TOTALLY ON HER at that point to feel it, to think 
about it, to come to the conclusion on her own.

So what you can do is to specifically bring up another woman 
or a past experience with a girl in great detail. 


The next time you and your chick friend heads to the record 
store, pick out a one-of-a-kind bootleg Colbie Caillat CD. 

She’ll go, “You don’t listen to Colbie.” And you’ll smile and 
say, “I know, but this girl I met recently really digs her, and 
I know she’d love this.” 

She’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness, miffed that she 
doesn’t score suitors like that, and wondering what this 
woman’s got that makes you treat her so well. 

Lay on a week more of the “Oh I always do this kinda stuff, 
just I never thought you’d bother” before admitting in a tender, 
unguarded moment that sometimes it’s being with the wrong person 
that truly makes you realize who’s right… 

Here you’re playing yourself up as a prime boyfriend material 
AND making her jealous at the same time… 

Be extremely DESCRIPTIVE and GRAPHIC when you are relating your 
story to her- up to a point where she can actually picture 
your story in her mind- almost to the point of ‘tasting’ it. 

Offer the vivid details until you can sense she starts 
getting uncomfortable.

Tell her how Kathy’s body is killer, talk about how Kathy 
has the most flawless features you’ve ever seen in a girl… 

Get her to have an image of how much fun the both of you 
had together, the teasing, touching, playing and all. 

Tell her… 

“I was shocked when Kathy showed up at my office today with 
pizza. Gotta love her for that”

Just keep it going whenever you’re with her…

“Kathy told me that the best deals are on the East side of 

“Kathy said the funniest thing the other day…”

“I was picking up laundry last night and the owner was 
wondering where my girlfriend was… I was like who?? The 
brunette you were with the other day…” I was like … what? 
Kathy? Oh please… I mean could YOU imagine both Kathy 
and me?”

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy…

Do it long, hard and subtle enough, and you’re bound to see 
how she’ll change when she’s with you… 

You will know if you were successful if:

- She tries to talk bad about the girl/s in some way. (It's 
her defensive mechanism).
- She suddenly goes into silence and appears kind of 
withdrawn - this is when she is reflecting
- She gets annoyed, agitated, pissed at you for bringing it 

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Another way is to capitalize on a concept called “Social 
proof” as it’s a very powerful psychological trigger that 
can really influence the way people act.

Social Proof is all about human nature and CONDITIONING. 

As humans we do things based on what other humans do. 

We are more likely to make a decision or take an action 
when we have seen PROOF that someone else has also made
the same decision. 

The choice becomes that much easier when we realize 
people “just like us” (similar demographics) have made 
the exact same choices too. 

It’s like I’m walking to a football game to go to my 
seat and 40,000 people in front of me are lined up 
going through the gates waiting to enter the stadium. 

Instead of analyzing where to go , I’ll just follow 
along with the crowd. 

It’s sort of like monkey see, monkey do. We are very, 
VERY much influenced by people around us, especially 
if we feel people around us are similar to us. 

And that’s the underlying concept behind social proof. 

Same applies here. If you want her to see you 
differently as sexual man, rather than just as 
someone who’s platonic, social proof is a powerful 
concept because, if we can subtly “demonstrate” to 
women that other women, just like them, are attracted 
to us, are interested in us, enjoy hanging out with us 
or they simply want us, they are more likely to make 
the same decision. 

Women feel attraction toward men in the company 
of other women! 

The fact is that women are VERY competitive creatures. 

Especially when it comes to men. 

The good news is that if you know how to take advantage 
of this, and BRING OUT that sense of COMPETITION in a woman, 
you will be able to make a woman feel STRONG feelings of 
attracting for you VERY quickly... 

And social proofing is one of the most powerful ways to 
bring out her ‘catty’ side AND to increase your sexual 
value to her as a man. 

The bottom line is that this stuff is POWERFUL,
it triggers ATTRACTION, and it communicates to a woman 
that you GET IT, AND it helps you to reach inside and 
touch a woman in a way she's always wanted, and in a 
way that she responds to powerfully. 

I feel it's time that we as men started learning more
about how women work, what they respond to, and
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the woman that YOU desire. 

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