'Bad Boy' Attraction Secrets...

Men are sometimes quite self-explanatory. Mostly what men do or speak are just plain black or white. Men will tell women exactly how they feel, or what they want regardless how tactless it may sound.

On the other hand, women acts and behaves in shades of grey. Women are always finding a different alternative to deliver messages so that they don't hurt anyone's feelings.

We are inherently different.

Men do not wear their emotions on their sleeves, they do not guess what we are thinking and what we would do, and they do not pick up subtle hints.

Men just want to be trusted as "the man".

It's really a game of psychology.

For women, romance is going for a stroll at a park, or hang out by the beachside.

For men, romance is watching a football match together, playing pool, etc.

In order to get in the line with women, it's all about getting inside a woman's mind. They are, no doubt, emotionally sensitive.

Doing little things which expresses care is romantic for women.

But some women won't like it when a guy goes overboard, giving or showing a lil 'too much' attention and care for her. Let's switch sides and see things a little differently, shall we?

Let's see what's going on from an attractive and beautiful woman's point of view.

Enter Mandy...

Mandy's a BABE. Since young, she's had lots of attention, not only from her relatives but practically EVERYONE she comes into contact with.

Everywhere she goes, she gets compliments on her looks, people buys her stuff, shower her with gifts and attention, everywhere she goes, guys DROOL over her.

The world's at her feet; nothing could be better.

She gets approached, stared, and 'flirted on' all the time, guys practically WORSHIP her, suck up to her. Treat her like a princess; what Mandy wants, she gets.

There's a high chance Mandy will grow up to be a little bit of an airhead due to the attention she receives all the time when she was still growing up. Now, at the beginning it's fun but as she grows older (adding to the attractiveness) it'll start to get a lil' monotonous and boring.


Imagine if YOU were her. Now imagine how every guy you meet throws himself at you. Even if you just want to be friends with a guy, to the very least, a big chunk of them will naturally have the tendency to want much more than that (because you're hot), they'll want to 'hook up' with you, they'll want to be romantic with you, in other words, all they want is to bang you.

And THAT'S when it gets frustrating.

Guy's are a predictable bunch. Seriously, we are.

And as 'original' we may think we are in our approaches to women, the reality is, she's DEFINITELY heard and seen them all.

For example, you walk into a bar, within a split second, guys; one after the other, starts coming up to you, saying how beautiful you are, and asking if he could buy you a drink.


It's NORMAL for guys to use that line. It happens EVERYWHERE; in a club, mall, or even right there on the streets.

If YOU were her, wouldn't you go 'eeeeew'...

You'll most probably be thinking... "How am I gonna turn him down without acting like a bitch?"

So you see, as a man, your challenge now is more on how are you going to approach a woman you like without going down that same beaten path as the rest?

Firstly, understand that the reason why the rest failed is because they were lame and boring. These women are already IMMUNED to such lines and approaches.

Those guys failed because they were PREDICTABLE; in the way they approach, talked, and tried to run game.

Any predictability ain't gonna do much because it's not 'exciting' enough, it's not catchy, you know...

Lines like:

- "Hey girl, You must have just come out of the oven because you're smoking hot".

- "I've lost my phone number - can I have yours"

... nope. Ain't gonna get you nowhere.

"But what about complimenting women, does it even work?"

Good question. Glad you asked ;-)

It depends, really.

Compliments should be done tactfully, subtly and most importantly AT THE RIGHT TIME!

(Lean close and SMELL her, slowly) "I really like the way you smell tonight" (Pause). Look right into her eyes and wait for her to respond.

That works.

In this example, women put great effort into preparing an ensemble that best reflects how the feel and how they want to be perceived by admirers. Compliments like these coupled with the right calm and laid back body language TINGLES her senses.

It tells her that her effort did not go unnoticed. It's nothing big, yes, but as small a gesture as this, her knob is slowly being turned and 'aroused', try it see the results for yourself.

Turning the 'knob' up and down on women, it messes up their emotions, it makes them uncomfortable, yes, but it's more uncomfortable in an 'exciting' way that gets them to stick around more, and once you've caught their attention, and you pull out immediately, you'll further drive their their senses into a FRENZY and THAT'S how you 'turn the tables' and get them to start chasing you...

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