Laid Back Ways To Bust Women

If you're out on a date with a woman. Do this.

Become the best flirt you can ever be when you're out with her during the date.

Don't be afraid to bust on her.

Make cocky comments on her appearance or any accesories she's having on (always works).

"Eeeew, what's with those eyelashes of yours... are they even real?"


"Hey, what a lovely bag... where'd you get them? I've got to get one of those for my mom" (say it with a straight face)


"OMG, you're a model? Wow... I'm like the luckiest guy right now... so drinks tonight on you yea?" (say it with a straight face)

Give her the impression that you aren't INTIMIDATED by her good looks and feel confident & comfortable enough being around her.

Give her the impression that even though she looks great, you ain't the slightest bit impressed and that she'll still have to do MUCH MORE to EARN your spending your precious time with her.

Make her laugh, 'play' around with her.

Sneak right up to her ears, whisper sweet and naughty little words to her, make her feel good of herself, ENTERTAIN her.

Generally, just give her the best possible night - EVER.

If she feels that se.xual vibe happening between the both of you, she'll probably invite you over to her place and have some 'fun'.

What do you do?

When she says something like, "Tonight's been fun. Why don't you come over to my place and we'll have together, perhaps?"

Just give her a light grin and say, "Tonight's been fun but I've got something MORE important to attend to right now.

"Call me..."

Now, when you do this - she'll be thinking "What the f***?? I can't believe he just rejected me!

"Isn't he interested to get it 'on' with me?"

"Is there something wrong with my tonight?"

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"Whats wrong with me???"

Aaaah. Nice.

See, when you do this, you just showed her that you're not desperate to get into the sack with her, unlike the other 99 guys who tried to do so before you.

And when you do this, you'll instantly make her feel grossly INSECURE in herself.

Notice how you're now turning the tables on her now?

If she's real hot, she may have NEVER been rejected like this before.

Do this, and believe me, she'll start to doubt herself.

She won't like it, but she'll now be in the dark. And she'll always be wondering what went wrong during the date.

What just happened?

Well, you've just successfully threw her off her tracks!

"What you can't get, you'll want even MORE..."

Naturally, when she wonders to herself, she'll think MORE of you.

And that's your first primary goal.

... to get her to start thinking of you.

Don't be surprised if SHE starts calling YOU for another date after that.

You'll notice how SHE'LL be the one who'll want to IMPRESS you & get YOUR maximum attention.

SHE'LL naturally want to live up to her IDENTITY of being what she's been known to be all her life - the PRIZE.

The one that every guy wants.

The guy that every guy CANNOT resist.

So, what will she do?

Well, you'll see her slowly trying to flirt with YOU more and get YOUR attention.

You'll see how she'll be more CUDDLY with you, she'll want to touch you more, she'll listen more attentively to every lil' thing you say.

Put another way, she'll try to do anything she can to SEDUCE you - and NOT the other way around.

And when that happens, don't suddenly act all desperate and stuff, keep calm, keep your cool and GRADUALLY let HER come on to you.

Let HER do the work.

Get it?

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