Approaching Women With Boyfriends

You're in a bar 'chilling' having a great time with your friends, minding your own business when suddenly when this hot chick walked in.

You instantly perk up, adrenalin starts pumping, you're ready to walk up to her...


She's got guy/s with her.

Ever had that happen before?

Not too sure about you, but it's happened to me like a GAZILLION times.

Well, if you're a 'clubbie' like me, you'll find that women seldom frequent clubs solo. Usually they're in the company of friends or more specifically there's usually a guy in tow! 

What's one to do then?

Should you be discouraged by it?

Do you just 'give up'?

Hell, no!

Here are a few pointers to approach women who frequent clubs or any public setting for that matter with a guy/s.

But before we go any further, I'd like to clarify a couple of things.

While it's perfectly NORMAL to approach a girl who is in the company of a guy, I do not advocate trying to pick up a girl who is already with a 'steady' partner.

Trying to do that is no different than stirring up a hornet's nest!

No guy likes another guy messing around with their 'girl'.

If you do that, then well... it's safe to say that the result is very likely going to be kinda 'unpleasant'.

Do it wrongly, going overboard with it, and there's a slight chance you might get into a fight and end up getting hurt. So if that hot chick is lovey dovey with her guy, I suggest you look else where and remove her from your list of potential targets.

It's easy to spot couples even when they're in a group. Their body language will tell you if they're a couple.

Tell tale signs: they usually sit closer together, lots of interaction between them, touching, holding hands, kissing and lots of gazing into each others' eyes.

On the other hand, if the girl is with a guy who is a casual friend, they usually sit further apart.

Once you have ascertained that the guy is just a friend', initiate eye contact and watch her reaction.

Observe her body language. If she smiles back and occasionally steal glances your way, that's a sign of interest.

If this is the case, you'll have two ways you to approach her. One way is to wait till she is alone.

Do it when the guy is away to the gents or intercept her when she is on her way back from the ladies.

Reminder: The line you use as your opener does NOT matter.

You: Hey, Winnie what's up?
Her: Do I know you?
You: Come on Winnie, it's ME. Quit playin.
Her: I'm sorry but I think you've got the wrong person.
You: I know. Just messin withcha *smile* By the way, I'm John and you are?

What matters is how you catch her attention, ENGAGE her and how you make her laugh.

Laughing will LOWER her guard down, make her COMFORTABLE around you and this naturally makes her more receptive within your interactions.

If you approach her when she is at her table, it is more conducive for 1-1 interaction. When both of you are seated, it is naturally easier to focus on INVOLVING her in your interaction when she is standing or walking back to her table.

Your objective is to keep her interested and have HER part with her digits so that you can arrange to meet up at a later date.

To make the most impact, keep the first encounter short and memorable so that she'd look forward to seeing you again.

The second way of approaching a girl who is in the company of others is with the help of a 'wing'. This strategy requires you to work in pairs.

A wing can be any one of your friends. His/her job is to distract your targets partner so that you can zoom in on your target.

A word of caution when you have a wingman; both of you should have a common understanding and should technically not be interested in the same girl.

I'm out of space here, you can visit this page to learn more:

Approaching Women Tips

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Doing cold approaches with absolute strangers can be the most EXHILIRATING and EMPOWERING thing when done right. It'll be scary as hell when you first do it, but when you've gotten it down, believe me, you'll be jumping up in the air, do a Leonardo and go "I'm on top of the worlddd!!"

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