Actual Game Conversation

Clubs are DEFINITELY one of my favorite hangout places approach. Where else in the world can you find such LARGE amounts of beautiful women packed into a single area all at the same time?

But yea, there are many ways to approach women there, it all depends on which techniques you're more COMFORTABLE and confident with.

I remember I was at this smokin' place called Jungle last Saturday, and I spotted 2 fine-lookin chicks standing there on the balcony looking over the house band and the dance floor, they were standing there enjoying the music, with their glasses of wine, etc.

So I walked up the stairs and approached the first one:

Me : "Hey, how's it going?"
Target 1: "Do I know you?" (Rolls eyes and looks away)
Me : (Looking at target 2) "Hey your friend here, she
ALWAYS like this?" (Walk towards her and sits down)
Target 2: "Nah, don't mind her, she's had a rough day at
Me : "But she broke my heart (Play crying). I need to
cut my wrist now"
Target 2: "Oh poor baby"
Me : "Yea (takes phone out), I'm calling the undertaker.
Target 2: **Giggles**
Me : "Didya know I'm gay?"
Target 2: "Oh really? Why the sudden confession?"
Me : "So that we can be the bestest of friends, hang out
all the time and I can see you naked.
Target 2: (laughs) "OMG, you're such a pervert!"
Me : "Yeah I know! Sick isn't it?"
Target 2: (laughs)
Target : "You're funny. So what's your name, Elton?"
Me : "Gosh you work fast, don't you? I'm not THAT easy!"
Target 2: "Huh? Hey! I was just asking for your name!"
Me : "That's what they ALWAYS say..."
Target 2: "Come on..."
Me : "You first. No wait wait. I'm guessing, Paris??"
Target 2: "Uuuum no! Why'd you think that?"
Me : "You look smart"
Target 2: (Whacks me in the arm) "Hey!"
Me : "What?!!"
Target 2: (laughs) "I'm Janine."
Me : "Well hi Janine, nice meeting you."
Target 2: Bla, bla, bla...

(By this time her friend, Brenda, the one who first dissed me off, saw how much fun we were having, walked over and joined our 'conversation').

As you can see, one can NEVER take it too seriously when approaching. If you do, it WON'T come out right.

Too often, guys make the mistake of putting too much of pressure on themselves as they're out there meeting women.

They always want to say the 'right' things, do the right things, come out with the best 'lines'. That's the just the WRONG way to look at it.

Many things can happen as you're out there doing cold approaches on women and surely, you'll bound to come across women who will outright IGNORE you and blow you off.

Just like how I approached Brenda at the beginning, she did the same thing to me. But within that CRUCIAL split second, you've got to be FAST enough to pick up and keep going. It's critical HOW you take control of the situation when it happens cos one mistake, and that's it.

The entire dynamics changes.

Don't second guess yourself. And just do whatever that comes to your mind.

One of the FASTEST way to meet beautiful women is to do cold approaches. And NO, it WON'T look wierd to women, it's not as hard or as 'scary' as most guys seem to think it is.

You see a 'hot' one, you don't waste time and you go for it. But I must warn you, it can get REALLY addictive... approaching women.

But deep down, I strongly believe it's one of the most POWERFUL skills you can have as a man. See, when you've got this 'approaching' thing "down", I can boldly say that your life WILL change. It'll be one big roller-coaster ride. Guys will ADORE you and treat you like God. Girls would just sit up, take notice and be 'secretly' wishing you'd do it to them (whether they'd like to admit or not).

It's not an easy 'skill' to master, that I admit, and that's the reason why I've gone through all the hassle to get Carlos to help you out in this. It's possibly the fastest, safest, and most PROVEN way to learn it.

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